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Breakfast: A lovely bit of crumpet - french toast

MAR 24 @ 13:06

by jenfuchigami

Sunday breakfast is a tradition in our house. Itís day when we slow things down to make a proper start of the day.

This morning, my husband mentioned that it had been a really long time since we'd had french toast. I had to agree that french toast would be yummie and it had been ages since we've had it.

Since we didn't have any of the breads I usually like to use for french toast (Brioche, Hawaiian Sweet Bread, Panatone) around, I tried something different and used English crumpets. The little round griddle cake type french toasts, turned out awesome!

I let the crumpets soak in the custard mixture (eggs & milk with a dash of vanilla extract, cinnamon, and sugar) for longer than I would with bread since they were pretty thick crumpets and I wanted the egg mixture to soak all the way through. They really held their shape well and once cooked and had a nice texture inside - not too mushy like bread can sometimes get. The outside was nice and crisp, although I kinda burned the tops a tad until I adjusted the heat down. They took longer, over a lower temperature to cook than normal bread.

I served them up with some fresh berries and maple syrup. It was fun trying something new this morning and now we have a Brit twist on one of our favorite breakfast recipes.

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APR 13 @ 16:28

by mummza

Thats interesting we usually eat Crumpets justtoasted and  buttered here of with butter and Jam , there is an ongoing debate between people whuch side should be buttered , the topside with the holes in it or the flatter drier base to the crumpet.. for my faily its always been to butter the tp side with the oles as they collect all the melted butter and make the crumpet a delight to eat.

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