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WA Culinary Journeys, all the Tourism Ingredients

MAR 24 @ 20:01

by Danny

It’s hard to imagine that when I lived in Australia Fifteen years ago that I never visited Western Australia. Ok, I know, my homeland is a big country indeed but still no excuse really for I have now fallen in love with WA and all that it has to offer. I have been back every year now for the last 4 years to visit new found friends and also to speak at various conferences on the work that I have been doing with Jamie’s Foundation and also San Patrignano.

Yes I really do have one of the #bestjobs in the world because in April I will be flying back to Perth to speak at a conference that is being run by a great group of people from FACET (Forum advocating Cultural and Eco-Tourism).  The lovely FACET team work hard to promote cultural and nature based eco-tourism and the conference is titled “Culinary Journeys - All the Tourism Ingredients”.  The delegates at he conference will learn how to develop opportunities for the food, wine and tourism industries in the Southern Forests region of Western Australia.

I am honoured that they have asked me to speak at the conference on food, youth and culture and I am really thrilled to let you all know that the team at FACET are also flying over two special guests to participate in the conference – Lloyd Hayes (graduate from the Fifteen apprentice programme in London) and Lorenzo Milanesi (graduate from San Patrignano and current Fifteen London Chef). As well as cooking at the conference dinner, Lloyd and Lorenzo will also be taken on a foraging trip around the Manjmup region and then they will cook on open fire pits for all of the delegates from the conference. We will be guided by a local indigenous Australian – Josh Whiteland. This will be another first for me for even though my grandparents were farmers I have never been foraging in an area of the country like Manjimup and I am very much looking forward to meeting Josh and learning more about his culture and food. I know that this will also be the highlight of the trip for Lorenzo and Lloyd – cooking with ingredients that they have never tasted before and learning about all of the great food and wine that is available in the region. I am also looking forward to working with Don Hancey a well known Chef from WA who is working hard to arrange the foraging and cooking. Don’s a top bloke and very passionate about the food and wine that is available in WA.

I know I am going to meet some great people out there at the conference as I have already whilst we have been arranging the details of the trip. The great team at the Southern Forests Food Council are supporting the conference as well. They work hard to promote local producers in the Manjimup region. I’m also really looking forward to meeting Mark Olive. Known as “The Black Olive” Mark is one of Australia’s most highly regarded and respected indigenous Chefs.

It’s reassuring when all of my worlds collide (in a good way) for we are also having the press conference on Monday the 15th of April at the new Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Perth. I will also be a busy lad as I will be visiting some other incredible food and wine destinations to write and blog about as part of the “Best Job in the world” competition that is being run by Tourism Aus. Fancy spending 6 months in WA eating your way around the state and experiencing some of the places that I will be visiting? Then you can by entering the competition (details below).

I know, I know, it’s quite a long blog from me but there are so many exciting things on the horizon for me with this conference that it is a bit of a challenge to condense everything down into a few sentences. Watch out for all of the pictures and updates coming your way here on the site and also on my Social Media networks.

Check out the FACET conference here to register:

Check out Southern Forests Food Council:

More info on the new Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Perth:

How to apply for the #BestJobs competition (go on what have you got to loose?)

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MAR 25 @ 07:52

by Sandy

Oh wow Danny what a great oppurtunity for you and look forward to hearing all about it and of course seeing all your photos.  Have a wonderful time.

MAR 25 @ 09:36

by Grandmadamada


APR 03 @ 23:01

by @nGoose1

The Black Olive, what a cool name, cool post. Look forward to hearing more.

APR 18 @ 17:19

by michael_toa

I am love following your adventure through the blog or your instagram pictures. You do have the best job! I applied for the best jobs competition, the taste master in WA and please keep your fingers crossed. It'll be so awesome to eat my way around WA! smile

JUN 13 @ 15:41

by alexfab

I believe that this blog is really very interesting.

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