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Genaro Contaldo at food revolution

MAY 18 @ 00:15

by mummza

Well here I am with 2 of my daughters and Gennaro , as I think MsP has said I unexpectedly had a microphone pointed at me ( shortly before this pic was taken ) it was a bit alarming but I hope I coped ok , I'm not someone who's very confident in those sort of situations .
So here we have this photo , another unexpected happening as Gennaro said he'd ike a photo taken with us . I have met Gennaro a few times before .
My apron pockets were full of all sorts , note pad , phone , pencils , blue plastic gloves etc and by the time this photo was takeny apron was also a bit grubby from
trying to help around the party , but nevermind !
I had a great day .smile

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MAY 18 @ 00:17

by mummza

Yes , Gennaro was wearing a pirate hat !

MAY 19 @ 07:44

by moeabdullah

Great photo Mummza! Everyone seem so happy.

MAY 19 @ 09:33

by mummza

It was a lovely day moeabdullah , it was so good to be there . I put a lot of photos on Instagram if you have a smart phone you might be able to access them ... Instagram name..  beesalmon 
I will get more photos on here but have a busy week and it takes quite a while to size photos and load things for here . Will post more here as soon as I can .

MAY 19 @ 14:42

by Grandmadamada

mummza you are worth a Pulitzer prize! for this reportagethumbsupthumbsupthumbsupwave

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