School visit to Food Revolution street party

MAY 20 @ 14:40

by mummza

This was a lovely part of the food revolution street party , two different schools bought children along to the street party .
The kitchen garden project and ministry of food as well as Danny were all busy and helping with this.
Tables were set out with a pretty blue spotty PVC coated table cloth and down the centre were bowls of passata , courgette/zucchini ribbons , pots of herbs and bunches of radishes.
The children were all given some dough which they were able to top with a tomato passata , mozzarella,  the fresh vegetables and herbs.
Some children were not keen on the look of the fresh mozzarella but when asked " do you like to eat pizza at home ? " and when they replied yes they did , it was mentioned that this was the sort of cheese that was on the pizzas that they ate at home ... Problem solved , the cheese was then happily added !
This was good as the children then understood that the cheese would melt and boomers something fairly familiar.
After making the pizza  and eating it , the children helped to dress some salad leaves , making salad dressing themselves in these cute little spotty lidded tops .
The children took the pots of salad dressing hat they had made with them as they left.

Mr Oliver went to talk to the children , he had Kirsty Alls with him ( a tv presenter ) and they went to each table in turn.
A couple of children were chosen by the school staff to have their photos taken with Mr Oliver , one little boy who was chosen had been desperate to meet mr Oliver , I was delighted to see he had been chosen.
The school children had a great time .

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