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Inspiring Students And Building Community In Our School Garden

Date: Fri 16 Nov 2012

Story by David Cunningham

Peace Garden and Green Thumbs: Sprucecourt Junior Public School’s Community Garden Sprucecourt Junior Public School is located in downtown Toronto, Canada’s largest and most ethnically diverse...

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ACGC Students Cultivating Knowledge & Eating It Too!

Date: Thu 15 Nov 2012

Story by Tami Bennett-Tait

Kid at lunch says, “What is this on my plate?” “It’s a baked potato.”, replied the lunch supervisor. “How do I eat it, like an apple?” Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (ACGC) Public Schools planted a...

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Building A Catalogue Of Food Memories In Seattle

Date: Wed 14 Nov 2012

Story by Jan Sailus

I have built a career and lifestyle around my love of food and interest in children. Years of living in rural Vermont with a limited variety of food in far away expensive stores, and a short growing...

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Eco-Schools USA: Helping Schools Go Green

Date: Tue 13 Nov 2012

Story by Jennifer Hammonds

Looking to address food and nutrition issues at your school? Eco-Schools USA is here to help you! Eco-Schools is an internationally acclaimed program that provides a framework to help educators...

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Favorite Fall Recipes

Date: Mon 12 Nov 2012

Story by Jennifer Tyler Lee

Apples, pumpkins, pears – classic fall fruits and veggies that herald the start of the holiday season at our local market. It wouldn’t feel like Thanksgiving without them, so this month our food...

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Lessons From The School Food Tour

Date: Thu 08 Nov 2012

Story by Sara Salo

After months of bicycling and successful outreach to thousands of students, the School Food Tour has concluded its inaugural journey. In early summer I completed my goal of pedaling 5,000 miles...

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Continuing The Food Revolution At Ocean Knoll

Date: Wed 07 Nov 2012

Story by Dawn Mayeda

Ocean Knoll Elementary is setting the bar for health-oriented programs. Since the Food Revolution featured this school a year and a half ago, even more great things are happening. During the...

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