Top Tips for Food Education

Top Tips For Food Education

Thu 11 Sep 2014

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Last month we asked our Food Revolution ambassadors to share with us their top tips for food education. As schools start back, the UK see’s compulsory food education back on the menu, and the USA see’s new standards for the snacks sold in schools, we wanted to know how our ambassadors get kids excited about real food – both cooking it and eating it.

Ruth Sisi Hutapea Food education tip : As they are putting away the fruits and vegetables, guess where they came from.

Joelle Sevio Gillooly The most valuable food education tool is to be an example not an alarmist. Head to schools for fun food crafts, teach basic nutrition, cook with your kids, bring a clean version of a favorite to cook out or holiday party, bring watermelon or fruit and donate playground balls or bubbles to the schools for birthdays. Everyone around you will see how good you feel and how you and your family are connected with food. Soon everyone will be asking you for grocery shopping, gardening and cooking tips. Now they are hooked, let your food knowledge flow out and it will change their lives!!

Kim Williams My top tip would be to try! Try new foods, recipes and don't be afraid to fail

Lara Folster Top tip: bring them to the kitchen! If they see the magic going on.. They are able to try everything!

Jules Clark Get the family cooking together - kids cooking for parents and parents letting the kids have kitchen fun , lots of creativity and laughter together share share share

Kristen Poynton Chidsey Get in the kitchen! Have fun and make dinner not just a time to eat, but a time to share your day and spend time together as a family!

Lindsey Shifley Top tip: Most kids see the kitchen as off limits, a serious place (mine sure did). Welcome your kids into the kitchen, play music, and allow the kitchen to become a shared space where you gather, laugh, talk and learn how to cook together.... Most especially the place where you eat & share the love you create! Where will your next culinary adventure take you?!

Linda Matarasso Think outside of the first meal. Learn how to turn less than perfect vegetables into soups or stews and fruits into smoothies, chutneys, jams, pies or sauces.

Julie Ann Kimball Cockburn Keep it simple and fun! Both in how you teach, and in what you prepare. Food and cooking can be intimidating, but if you make the process and experience enjoyable - people will remember what they learned, and want to try things on their own.

Diego Ruete Fooducation starts by respecting nature, sow your seeds with them, teach them how to respect life and how to get the most of it. Food will grow and after that cooking its quality time!

Amy Wambold Unleash your inner artist by cooking simple and fresh- using minimally processed ingredients. Food is all love after all! So don’t be afraid to get fresh. Read more from Amy on this topic here.

Mardi Michels Make time, have fun, choose dishes to cook they already like to eat, don’t make it too easy, keep it interesting. Read lots more here on what Mardi has learned from cooking with kids.

• Amy Kehs Try a new recipe a week. Go to the Farmer’s Market. Get your kids in there to help you in the kitchen. It will come. Just laugh, have fun and cook more. Read more about Amy’s Food Revolution.

Read more from ambassador Alex on how ‘recipes are only guides’ when it comes to food education here.

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The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Image: Diego Ruete, Food Revolution Uruguay


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