Over 600 Cities Kick Off The First Ever Food Revolution Day

Over 600 Cities Kick Off The First Ever Food Revolution Day

Fri 18 May 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

Months ago we declared that on May 19 people around the globe would come together to share their knowledge and promote better food education. We named Food Revolution Day our first ever global day of action, emphasizing that the movement is not only about Huntington, West Virginia or the Los Angeles Unified School District. We set out to celebrate and unite the work across Jamie’s foundations in the US, UK and Australia, but knew that the heart of the revolution was much bigger than that.

The issues are universal, and therefore it was about celebrating and uniting worldwide. Food Revolution Day was born with the idea of engaging people who care about food education, that want to put a stop to the growing issue of obesity and diet-related illnesses, no matter where they are or what their circumstance. The focus for year one has been to plant the seeds for teams around the world, to show that if we all stand up for real food, together we can make a difference.

The response and commitment for Food Revolution Day has been absolutely amazing so far! We have over 600 cities and close to 60 countries participating this year. From Jeddah to Santiago, San Francisco to Hong Kong, and Budapest to Nairobi - you have come together to help us launch something very special.

There will be a large all day event in Chicago, and a local farm visit in Singapore. Local chefs will cook for school children in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and in Brazil preschool children will make fish stew. There are almost 100 events across Australia, with cooking demos and BBQs in nearly every Good Guys store in the nation. Jamie’s Fifteen apprentices will be serving up flatbreads while dishing out cooking advice in London, while Toronto trains a new generation of Petit Chefs. There are more than a half a dozen events to choose from in Milan alone, and Bucharest and Beijing have joined the movement.

The revolution has spread to the islands with 6 events across Madeira, and celebrations in the Maldives Malaysia and Manila. The reach is truly global.

Have you searched the map to see what’s going on in your neck of the woods? Now is the time to plan your weekend and sign up to attend an event! Is your city or village or town missing? It’s not too late to get it up on the map! Gather your friends and host a dinner party or throw a last minute local food event on a budget for others in the community.

Join the fun, and the rest of the world, and stand up for real food!

The Food Revolution Day Team


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