Already Over 1000 Installs Of Our Free Browser App!

Already Over 1000 Installs Of Our Free Browser App!

Tue 24 Jan 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Join the Fight to End Childhood Obesity with Our New Browser App:
The JOFF Giving Assistant

Already, over a thousand supporters have joined the Food Revolution by using the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation Giving Assistant! In less than a month, our top earner has generated well over $100, simply by shopping online. Hundreds of others have generated nickels, dimes and dollars to help change the way America eats.

If we all work together, we can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to fight the obesity epidemic and build a healthier, happier generation… all by simply shopping online and inviting our friends to support this great cause.

Join Jamie and the Food Foundation team to fight childhood obesity every time you shops online with the use of our revolutionary new browser app called the GIVING ASSISTANT, which directs funds raised in online shopping to programs that empower, educate and engage people to love and enjoy nutritious food and help young people understand the lifelong benefits of a healthy diet.

The GIVING ASSISTANT installs seamlessly into your favorite browser in seconds (available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and notifies you of more than 1,000 participating partners when you are shopping. Each time a purchase is made with an approved partner, a percentage of sales are automatically redirected to the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, helping to create a healthier generation at no cost to you. You can track totals raised through the button in your browser and on your dashboard.

“Part of what the Food Revolution is all about is making small daily changes that make a big difference to your life. By downloading this Giving Assistant you can shop normally online and partner brands will automatically fundraise for you - AND you could win big prizes! So make a difference, and be rewarded for it...all for free!” Jamie Oliver


Users of the new browser app qualify to win prizes, including a foodie trip to London that will include a cooking class at Recipease, Jamie’s cooking school, dinner at Jamie’s Top London restaurants – Barbecoa, Fifteen, Jamie’s Italian and Union Jacks – plus a signed recipe book from Jamie Oliver.

Every new user will automatically receive a hundred entries to win the once-in-a-lifetime prize. Additional entries can be earned when users invite their friends to download and use the browser app when shopping online.

What the Food Revolution Community Has Been Saying About The Giving Assistant

Petra Alexander I am proud to do what I can to help fight obesity..this is so simple..

Di Childers Got it and also shared it.

Florin AlterEgo Good job Jamie!!!!You have a lot of work to do with healthy eating in America!!!!Go,go,go!!!!

Dianna Brown-Brenny Keep up the good work Jamie!!! You truly are an inspiration to many of us!

Emmanouela Tzimagiorgi Amazing goal Jamie, keep on!!!!!!!!

Josina Magnant Jamie, this is the way! Better food education!

Stephen Davis Learn Great Program ... I'll Help!


The Food Revolution Team

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation GIVING ASSISTANT is a FREE browser app powered by GlobalMojo, a socially conscious technology company based in Seattle and San Francisco.



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