Announcing June’s Monthly Challenges

Announcing June’s Monthly Challenges

Mon 03 Jun 2013

Story by Sarah Curl

For the past two weeks we have been celebrating and recovering from our successful day of action, Food Revolution Day which happened on May 17th. We have received so many amazing videos, photos and stories from Ambassadors around the world that we felt like June should be a time to kick back and relax while you enjoy all the great things you’ve been able to accomplish in the name of better food and essential cooking skills.

In an effort to slow everything down, we want you to focus on a few simple challenges. The first is to realize how awesome you are and to pat yourself on the back. While you’re basking in your post Food Revolution Day glow, make sure to send in all your stories, photos and updates to us.

Last put not least, we want to hear from you on your Food Revolution Day experience. The good, the bad and everything in between so please don’t hesitate to be honest. We promise the survey will only take a few minutes. Check out more information on each challenge below.

1. Celebrate your success for doing an amazing job fighting for real food and essential cooking skills throughout your community. We want to thank your from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and we are amazed and humbled with what you've been able to achieve in communities across the world.

2. Send in your stories, photos, videos and updates on everything FRD 2013 to Make sure you include any photo credits when you send your photos over. We want to see it all and share it with all of our social networks so please send everything you've got!

3. Fill out our FRD 2013 feedback survey so we can know what worked, what didn’t and everything else in between. We want to hear about your FRD experience and ways to improve on next year’s FRD.

What are Monthly Challenges?

Every month, there will be different challenges that inspire Food Revolutionaries to engage with their communities. They are designed to make deeper connections with the thought leaders in the real food industry and connect with family and friends through fresh food.

At the beginning of every month, the challenges will be announced through a blog post, email, Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to complete as many challenges as you can. As you complete the challenges, let us know how they went. We want to hear your stories, see your pictures and be able to show your successes through our various social media platforms. So get out there, have fun and make sure you share your story with us – we could be highlighting what you’ve been doing to the world!

Do you have suggestions for next month’s challenges?

Let us know at

Find out more about our Food Revolution Ambassador program and apply to become one here!

About the author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

Twitter: @sarahanncurl

Photo credit: Oscar Hinojosa from Nuevo Leon, Mexico


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