Blog of the Month: The Real Deal Marin

Blog Of The Month: The Real Deal Marin

Thu 01 May 2014

Story by Leanne

After many years developing curriculum for conferences related to community wellness and healthcare delivery, I transitioned my focus to food policy and nutrition. Living in the food driven San Francisco Bay Area, I have had the opportunity to be educated and inspired by many leaders at the forefront of the food movement including Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Nikki Henderson and Oran Hesterman, all of whom are building awareness and driving change.

The Real Deal Marin

As I delved deeper into the issues, I felt challenged and compelled to join the food advocacy fray in my own way and began by starting a blog, The Real Deal Marin. My mission is to draw attention to interesting and compelling aspects of food system reform and blend that with straightforward recipes made with whole ingredients.

I challenge the prevailing mindset that its easier and cheaper to eat fast or prepared foods rather than making the effort to cook. And by scouting and creating recipes combining basic ingredients and an uncomplicated preparation, I offer an alternative to the convenience of processed products.

Some posts cover specific food policy issues:
Childhood Obesity: Why the Rise in Childhood Obesity? Too Much Food, Too Little Exercise or Something Else?

Junk Food Marketing: Broccoli Two Ways and Its Showdown with Kale

Food Access and Affordability: A Place at the Table

Most include recipes to inspire cooking, such as fluffy homemade pancakes - an easy alternative to the boxed varieties, grilled salmon marinade (and a look at why French kids eat everything) and tomato and chicken galettes pie the easy way.

Others weave in resources and tips:
Farmers Markets Fresh means tastier with minimal preparation required.
One Bowl Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and a Word on Snacks - Unprocess or take a shortcut?

The whole pantry: Real Ingredients | Smart Design | Inspired Cooking

In addition to the blog, Ive started a complementary business called The Whole Pantry, a service to help facilitate the process of cooking. The reality is, despite good intention, many of us confront challenges that keep us from the kitchen including lack of time, organization, skill and/or inspiration. It can be difficult to shun the ease of purchasing a ready-made-meal when needing a quick fix to fuel hunger. To address that, The Whole Pantry maximizes efficiency and provides the tools, ingredients and recipes to streamline meal preparation and encourage a whole foods diet.

Eating well doesnt have to be complicated if you start by optimizing your kitchen and the contents of your cabinets. And recipes are a great framework and teach skills but the more you cook, the easier it is to be guided by intuition and personal taste especially when particular ingredients are lacking and hasty revisions are necessary. Results may not be Instagram worthy, but for the most part will surpass what the grocery store shelf and take-out window have to offer.

Follow Leanne as she further builds sections on the blog including recommended restaurants and ingredients sources and begins two new components 20 for 4 ($20 meals for a family of four) and Teen Food Beat (young food enthusiasts sharing recipes in short video format). You can subscribe to her blog here or find it on Facebook here. And check out The Whole Pantry here.

About the Author: Leanne grew up on the East Coast before a job took her to California. She intended it to be a yearlong adventure but the outdoor lifestyle, vibrant city and of course the food has pushed it to twenty. She lives in Marin County with her husband and two children.


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