Bringing the Food Revolution to the Work Place!

Bringing The Food Revolution To The Work Place!

Mon 15 Aug 2011

Story by Brenda Boorse

My Food Revolution Journey From My Home to My Work

My revolution started On New Year’s Eve when I was home, sick from work, for a week. I happened upon ‘Jamie at Home’ and was inspired by the simple home cooking and yummy recipes. I tried making Jamie’s sticky chicken thighs with new potatoes, cherry tomatoes and fresh oregano. Wow, everyone loved it! That led to more recipes and a trip to the bookstore to buy Jamie’s Food Revolution cookbook.

I was really concerned about the total lack of cooking that was going on in my house. We were going out to eat sometimes three or four times a week. When we weren’t doing that we were stopping at the grocery store and picking up prepared or prepackaged foods. Family meals were a thing of the past as everyone was going in different directions.

I started my Food Revolution by cooking on the weekend for the week ahead. My husband, who likes to cook, started helping me. We loved the recipes in the Food Revolution cookbook but used recipes from the Iphone app, the website and ended up purchasing Jamie’s dinners. Our favorites include the easy stews, beef and onion pie, ground beef wellington, Bolognese sauce, potato and leek soup, and perfect roast chicken. We started looking forward to coming home to eat, knowing that good food was prepared and waiting!

These changes in our cooking led to a neighborhood garden and growing our own herbs. My daughter who was stopping at convenience stores for her meals started bringing food with her for lunch and dinner when she was working, this also saved her money. Her friends at work were jealous of all the delicious home cooked food she had. She said, “Mom you have to keep this up.”

Recently I joined a food and nutrition focus group at work. We encourage our fellow employees at Access Services, the organization that I work for, to eat healthy foods. This is all part of reducing health care costs and keeping people well. Our plan is to get copies of Jamie’s cookbooks and start exchanging recipes, health and gardening tips. Twice a month we’ll bring in home cooking and fresh produce to share! We’ll provide fruit and healthy snacks rather than the usual junk food that is around here.

Our mission at Access Services is to support people. We serve children and adults who have autism, chronic mental illness, intellectual disability and behavioral health needs in ten counties in eastern Pennsylvania. Our food and nutrition group wants to expand beyond our employees to include all of the individuals in our programs. By teaching people who have special needs a healthier way to cook and grow their own food, Access Services is working toward a healthier community.

We have started to garden with adults in our supported living, vocationaland autism programs. We want to encourage recipe exchanges and set up cooking classes. I believe that we can have a big impact here at Access Services starting one person at a time!

About the author: Brenda Boorse is the Regional Vice President for Access Services, Delaware Valley

(From left to right, top to bottom) Brenda’s husband and daughter, Brenda’s husband in the garden, Brenda’s work revolution, Brenda and her daughter.


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