The Food Revolution Asks “What’s For School Lunch?”

The Food Revolution Asks “What’s For School Lunch?”

Thu 22 Sep 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team


What’s for lunch in school cafeterias around the country and the world? Tasty meals made with fresh ingredients, or processed, unappealing junk?

Next week the Food Revolution is launching a new online project to shine a spotlight on school lunches. We will be calling on our community to eat lunch in their local school and find out what's really being served. We want you to share your pride or disappointment at the lunch served at your own or your kids’ school this fall.

Why Are We Doing This?

The Food Revolution wants to celebrate innovation where it’s happening and light a fire for change where it’s needed. We have seen firsthand the good, bad, and ugly of school food. Under the same regulations about school food and sometimes within the same community, certain kids are getting amazing school food and others are eating unappealing junk. It’s time to talk about the differences.

What We Want YOU To Do?

Once the project launches we will want you to eat lunch at your school - whether you are a teacher, parent or student – and share your school lunch with us. We want to celebrate the great school lunches out there and highlight those that are in need of improvement.

What Next?

Keep checking the website, our Facebook page and Twitter profile for updates and we will keep you posted once we launch.

We look forward to seeing your school lunches!

The Food Revolution Team

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