Community Ambassadors Creating Local Change!

Community Ambassadors Creating Local Change!

Wed 26 Sep 2012

Story by Sarah Curl

Ambassadors Effecting Change in their Grocery Stores, Communities and Gardens

Stories from the Food Revolution Community Field

September flew by and we are wrapping up this month with a recap of the Food Revolution Community Ambassadors monthly challenges. Throughout the month, we’ve seen amazing photos and stories of all our amazing volunteers getting out in to their community, sharing the Food Revolution and inspiring others to join them in standing up for real food including tips on smart grocery shopping, how to make homemade pizza, and getting in the garden and growing fresh herbs.

September’s Challenge #1:

Host a tour of your local grocery store and get ingredients for this month’s recipe – our simple and delicious Basic Pizza.

Food Revolution Ambassador Stephanie Rock from Cincinnati, Ohio tweeted an image of her pizza, pictured above, with the following:

‘@FoodRev @jamieoliver #foodrevolution basic pizza for #monthlychallenges. Grilled w/ garden tomatoes, basil & chilies.’

Ambassador Ann Blankenship from San Francisco, California, threw a potluck pizza party where all participants used fresh and local ingredient to make pizza! Her pizza topped with peppers is pictured above.

In Scottsdale, Arizona Amy Wambold, along with her 8 and 6-year-old daughters pictured above, made pizza dough from scratch.

September’s Challenge #2:

Connect with two other people in your community to help build the Food Revolution movement.

Chia seed blueberry pudding

Donald Lemperle ‘spread the food revolution with chia seed blueberry pudding in Las Vegas at the healthy Reset project on Sunday, September 9th’.

Daniela Miscov from Bucharest, Romania has been inspiring others by spreading the Food Revolution Monthly Challenges. She says

“This is my first success as Food Ambassador in Romania in inspiring others with the Food Revolution monthly themes. A cook and blogger living in the northern part of Romania, a town called Lasi, bought Rosemary and now tells the story about it growing on her blog, shared also on my page, Food Revolution Romania. Her son gives a helping hand. I must tell you, the story is so beautiful; Rosemary is like a baby to them...”

Ambassador Alice Randall addressed 300 women at the Tennessee State Fair, talking about simple food that can be made at home. Christa Stamos completed two challenges by connecting with two schools in her community and teaching the kids how to start a herb garden. Claire O’Meara spread the Food Revolution at the Welly Fest while inspiring her neighbors to start their own herb garden and Joelle Gillooly will be having a booth at the Children’s Natural Health Expo to start the conversation about real food!

September’s Challenge #3:

Teach yourself or someone new to grow seasonal herbs.

Jessica Lloyd David's new herbs

Ambassador Jessica Lloyd David in Tulsa, Oklahoma wrote on Facebook: ‘Just planted my first herb ‘garden’ today! Very excited to see how it goes.’

Noelia Fernandez from Buenos Aires, Argentina wrote a blog post about growing Chives, Rosemary, Oregano and Thyme which are pictured above.

Olive's herb garden

Ambassador Brandi Thompson from Boca Raton, Florida posted on Facebook: ‘Getting started on this months challenge? Teaching Olivia how to plan basil’.

Massive thanks all the Ambassadors who participated in this month’s challenges, we are so inspired by what you are able to accomplish every month!

Keep an eye out for the announcement of next month’s challenges on October 1st. We will be having our most exciting challenges yet and an exciting announcement on Food Revolution Day 2013. Stay tuned!

Has the Food Revolution been started in your community yet? Check here! Interested in becoming an Ambassador to help kick start a Food Revolution in your city? Apply now!

About the author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

Twitter: @sarahanncurl


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