Community Voice – February Round Up

Community Voice – February Round Up

Thu 01 Mar 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

With over 260,000 likes on Facebook, more than 18,500 followers on Twitter and over 7,000 followers across all of our boards on Pinterest, our community voice is now more powerful than ever, so keep encouraging your friends and family to join the online Food Revolution in 2012!

This month the Food Revolution Community has once again share ideas, recipes and interesting news stories on ‘food education' in their local school districts. We’ve had another four great #FoodRevParty’s and lots of people sharing their foodie photos.

Food Revolution Community Voice

One of the main topics that caught the attention of our community this month was school lunch as we have re-opened our school lunch photo wall and are again asking our community to see what’s really on the lunch tray and add their pictures to help us build a powerful showcase of school lunches from across the world.

As we reported in January, the final USDA school meal regulations have finally been released and will come into play this fall. These changes are a big step in the right direction and we need to work together to ensure that schools implement them sooner rather than later, but in the meantime here are some of our community’s views on school lunches at the moment:

Jennifer Edelman - I happily pack my kiddos lunch every day. On the occasions when the school is serving his favorite, pizza, I make a healthy version and deliver it myself. I hate that it's all processed despite living in a heavy agriculture area.

Christy Lebeau - I pack my kids lunch 90% of the time as well, at least I know what's going in their bodies!!

Helen Williams - Feeding the children good food should be the focus and concern, not feeding the school officials and unions

Jennifer Cain Kennedy - How I wish they would just put cooks back in the kitchens! Through my elementary and middle school years we had the BEST food! Baked Ham, Roasted Turkey, Lasagne, Chili and the YEAST ROLLS!!! Yes we had a fresh salad bar, Homemade Baked Mac & Cheese, everyone ate school lunch!

Pat Hartmann - I went to my son's school last week for "Take Your Family to Lunch Day." Pluses: whole grain bun, fresh romaine salad, fresh orange wedges. Minuses: mystery meat cheeseburger. I made my son get white milk, but every other child in the class chose chocolate milk. I pack his lunch almost all the time, but wanted to participate in this project

Jill Clarkson - My son's school serves organic lunches but that doesn't mean they're well balanced or healthy but I guess they're trying...

Sonja Willets - My daughter can get fresh salads, always a fruit and baked chicken is often on the menu… a lot of the time they can't justify the cost of good foods because kids aren't raised to like them then they go to waste. Marketing, costs and convenience play a part in the meals kids are provided while home.

We’ll continue to report on school lunches changes as they come into play later in the year, so be sure to share with us the changes taking place at your schools.

Food Revolution Twitter Parties

This month we’ve had four great #FoodRevParty’s hosted by members of our community. The Food Revolution Team led a special party dedicated to the love of our food on Valentine’s Day, where people shared recipes and photos of meals they cooked for love ones, you can read more about the party hosted by us here.

Other parties in February were hosted by our guest hosts @DawnViola who discussed organic food, @crunchacolor who chatted about keeping it real and @Health_Bean who talked local foods. Each party sparked a number of engaging dialogues on the chosen themes.

You can join us every Tuesday online for the next few @FoodRev #FoodRevolutionParty’s:

• 6th March @1000plusone 7pm PST/10pm EST
• 13th March @cioca 4pm PST/7pm EST
• 20th March @latearainbow 7pm PST/10pm EST

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