Community Voice – Social Media Round Up For January

Community Voice – Social Media Round Up For January

Tue 24 Jan 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The Food Revolution continues to be active online, we now have 628 community groups, 17,000 Twitter followers and we’re set to hit 110,000 likes on Facebook. Keep spreading the word and encourage your friends and family to join the Revolution online in 2012!

After a busy end to 2011 our Food Revolutionaries began the New Year with a bang! Our online community sprang into action sharing ideas, recipes and progress on their local school districts through Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of our key highlights from this month.

Food Revolution Community Voice

This month, as we gear up for the 2012 revolution, we asked our online community why the Food Revolution matters to them; these are just some of the amazing responses we got:

Judy Gutierrez To me, it means EDUCATING. Educating myself & others on healthy eating habits, healthy foods, benefits &, more importantly, how they can change our children’s lives for the better. When we all stand up in our own individual cities & towns, talk to a group, a class, a SINGLE person, we're creating a revolution that can snowball into amazing possibilities.

Natalie Seifried A chance to change and reshape my daughter’s generation's perception of food. To give them a chance at life without diet induced illness.

Matthew Venes Securing a healthier and more promising future.

Nicole Argudin It means a lot!!! The Revolution has inspired me to eat healthier and to study to become a dietitian!

Robert Strasser Teaching myself to cook and showing appreciation for cooking at home, at other's homes and at the school of my kids.

We also asked for our community’s views on Springfield Schools, which sparked some interesting comments and thoughts. Check out some of our community views on Springfield schools banning caffeinated drinks and sugary sweets among other junk foods here.

Keep your eye out for the next Food Revolution Community Voice and don’t forget to add your thoughts!

Food Revolution Twitter Parties

January saw three great #FoodRevParty's take place, the first of which was hosted by us, before we handed the baton over to our three great, guest hosts.

For the first #FoodRevParty of 2012, @FoodRevTeam gathered on Twitter with our online Food Revolutionaries for a quick catch up on the holiday festivities, before getting down to business and discussing the highlights of the Food Revolution in 2011, as well as everyone’s plans for the year ahead. Check out what our revolutionaries will be doing in 2012 here.

This led to two other #FoodRevParty's hosted by @TheOrganicTrail and @RecipeDiva, both parties had very different themes which sparked interesting conversations, from discussing winter seasonal foods to unique healthy ingredients.

Join us on Twitter for the next few Food Revolution Parties's:

• 24th January with @MealPlanMom 7pm PST/4pm EST
• 31st January with @DawnViola 4PM PST/ 7pm EST
• 7th February with @CrunchaColor 7pm PST/10pm EST

This month we also expanded our presence on social media adding to our accounts on Facebook and Twitter, you can now find us on both Pinterest and Google+, find out more here.

The Food Revolution Team


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