Cookery Lessons To Become Compulsory in UK Schools

Cookery Lessons To Become Compulsory In UK Schools

Mon 11 Feb 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Yesterday, Jamie Oliver welcomed changes to the curriculum in UK schools which will see cookery lessons and food education becoming compulsory for 7-14-year-olds from September 2014.

These changes should mean that children will be able to cook at least 20 different meals from scratch before they start GCSE studies (aged 14).

Jamie’s school dinner’s campaign in the UK continues to fight obesity and educate youngsters about food, but last year the UK Government commissioned the founders of Leon restaurants, John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby, to further report on the state of school food.

Jamie said earlier: “Henry and John have worked extremely hard in pulling the whole school food story together and I think they’ve done a brilliant job of representing many different viewpoints, from teachers and parents to campaign groups, as well as individuals, like myself. It’s a critical time for children’s health right now, and government have a tremendous responsibility to get this right. School food and school food education is paramount.”

Jamie continued: “The commitment to food education is a great milestone, but there’s still a lot more commitment needed from Mr Gove. This is the first bit of good news in a long, long time and a big victory for our children’s futures. Most importantly, they’ve got the government to see reason where many of us couldn’t. Onwards and upwards.”

See the original article here and stay tuned for more updates on these changes and what kids in the UK can expect to see in schools from next year.

The Food Revolution Team


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