Cooking Doesn’t Have to be Intimidating. It’s Fun!

Cooking Doesn’t Have To Be Intimidating. It’s Fun!

Fri 28 Sep 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Yesterday we conducted our second Food Revolution Community Google+ Hangout where we put a spotlight on our global Ambassadors and highlighted what they are working on in their cities and communities around the world.

How to Start a Food Revolution in Your Community

The Food Revolution now has over 300 Ambassadors in 55 countries that are constantly working hard to bring the Food Revolution message to cities around the world. In this month’s Google+ Hangout, the Ambassadors gave their tips and suggestions on how to start a Food Revolution in their community.

Elsa Manelphe from Montevideo, Uruguay explained how she got into cooking years ago and what she has done up until now to gather a community of food activists and local media to help broaden her Food Revolution message. Denise Livotti from Vaughn, Canada touched on the bowl of stew that changed her life in 2011 and how she created her own kids cooking school because of it. Our Ambassador in Milan, Italy, Francesco Iandola discussed his involvement in Food Revolution Day 2012, the planning and logistics that go into planning local events and how to use social media to make your message louder and Joelle Gillooly from Cary, North Carolina taught us how to get a sponsor for local event as well as how to recruit volunteers for your Food Revolution Team.

The Best Part of Life Is In the Kitchen

Here are some of our highlights from yesterday’s hangout. If you have any highlights to share or questions to ask about getting the Food Revolution movement going in your community, get in touch on our Food Revolution Community facebook page.

• “First step for me was to find the volunteers, it was impossible to move alone.” Francesco Iandola

• Ways to find volunteers from Joelle Gillooly: “College students with a background of nutrition or health science major, sometimes high school students looking for hours for credit and farmer’s markets.”

• “Reach out to organizations that have the same mission to further you food revolution.” Joelle Gillooly

• “You have to be shameless! You just have to approach the media and show what people are doing to stand up for real food!” Elsa Manelphe

• “Get support. Make small changes. Make it a priority and plan and prepare.” Joelle Gillooly

• “Cooking doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s fun! The best part of life is in the kitchen.” Denise Livotti

• “In Italy we are very lucky, we have tradition of cooking.” Francesco Iandola

Big thanks to all of our Ambassadors who participated yesterday, Google for supporting our hangout and all the viewers at home for tuning in. We believe if we can work together, we will be that much stronger to fight for better food, food policy and food education.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador in your city, please apply here! You can see a complete list of Ambassadors and where they are located here.

Stay tuned to find out about next month’s Google+ Hangout and how you can get involved!

The Food Revolution Team


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