Cooking Field Trips for Food Revolution Day

Cooking Field Trips For Food Revolution Day

Tue 21 May 2013

Story by Amanda Mascia

There is magic happening at Skyline Elementary, where they decided to celebrate Food Revolution Day for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

Each student has been invited to participate in "healthy, happy cooking field trips" as part of a school-wide field trip program funded by the school's PTA.

Teaching Kids to Cook with Home Grown Food

It's the third time every class in the entire school has cooked healthy foods at the Boys & Girls Club next door. No wonder! The Center for a Healthy Lifestyle, the wonderfully charming kitchen facility, was built specifically to teach children how to cook healthy foods that are harvested straight from the garden.

Here's how the field trips work: each class brings a basket of freshly harvested produce from Skyline's school garden and walks it over to the Center, just two block away. They are greeted by their smiling and silly cooking instructor, Amanda, from the kids cooking show, The Good Food Factory.

Amanda and two other teachers, Lencsi and Patti, take and wash the fresh produce from Skyline's garden (in this case, fava beans and lettuce) and then the kids take their seats and start cooking!

Laughter, Joy, Chopping, Tasting

With up to 30 kids at a time cooking, the kitchen is overflowing with laughter, joy, chopping and tasting. This week, they are making hummus, from scratch! The class is split into 6 teams, and each team makes a classic hummus (tahini, olive oil, lemon, garlic, chick peas) and then each team makes a "specialty" flavor: red pepper, cucumber-dill, parsley, spicy cilantro, fava bean, black olive.

The six different specialty hummus flavors are then spread outside on the sunny patio tables where a "Hummus Buffet" is set up. The kids take lettuce leaves from the garden, spread on a dollop of hummus and then top it all off with grated sharp cheddar and pepitas.

They eat, talk, laugh and explore all the different flavors each team has made. By the end of the class kids have tried new things, are begging to cook more and are licking hummus from each fingertip.

Magic happens when communities get together to offer cooking classes to children. And at Skyline Elementary in Solana Beach California, healthy eating is alive, well and really, really, REALLY FUN!

About the Author:
Amanda Mascia is the host and creator of the children's cooking show "The Good Food Factory" as well as an enthusiastically silly children's cooking instructor. Amanda joyously teaches cooking to children all over the San Diego area in schools, clubs, field trips, at special events and in her own kitchen (whenever the neighbor kids get hungry). It is her life goal and passion to "make healthy food FUN!"


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