Events Already On The Map For Food Revolution Day!

Events Already On The Map For Food Revolution Day!

Mon 30 Apr 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

Food Revolution Day events are all about getting your community together, talking about why we need a Food Revolution and sharing food knowledge and skills. From hosting a dinner party with your friends, family and neighbors [link to dinner party article], to going bit and hosting a local food event in your community here are some more ideas to get you started!

Dinner Parties

Everyone loves a dinner party. Why not get your friends together for a feast made with fresh ingredients, celebrating real food.

Have a Tapas Party like Jamie
Follow Jamie’s lead and prep a whole bunch of different tasty small bites to share with your mates. Picking a regional theme is an easy way to give your menu direction.

Include your kids at the dinner like Alyssa Milano.
Alyssa is prepping her own menu for the babies at the table, using fresh organic vegetarian ingredients just like she would for the adults. Including a few special real food treats for your kids is a great way to get them involved.

Turn your kitchen into a pop up pub.
Danny, Jamie’s community and social media editor, is hosting a Food Revolution pop up pub to celebrate all that is British over lunch. Celebrating what’s local is a great way to get the message out to your guest, and invite them to share in your community’s food culture.

Local Food Events

Food Revolution Day is all about food education so if you decide to host a local food event, have a think about how you can introduce an education element.

Host An Educational Assembly
The first step to a Food Revolution is getting educated, so why host an educational talk or assembly, speak about why we need a Food Revolution, and how small changes can make a big difference. Demonstrate how much added sugar is consumed just through flavored milks, or how many air miles some food travels to get to your plate. Check out what Chef Ann, the renegade lunch lady has planned in Boulder Valley Schools.

Cooking Class/Demo
If you have the space for a cooking class then great! But if not, then why not think about hosting a cooking demo – you can change your demo in order to accommodate how much space and equipment you have. With just a few utensils you can demonstrate how to make some fresh Smoothies or the perfect fruit salad. A group of top chefs in Chicago are taking turns with their demos, maybe follow their lead and pair up with a friend?

Farmer Market Tours
Are you a market regular? Why not share your knowledge of the stalls with your community by setting up market tours. The market in Richmond, Canada is going one step further and including a tour of the farm as well!

Host A Market Feast
Combine your skills as a cook with your knowledge of local food, and inspire people to cook from the market! Jay in NYC is taking a group of people to his local market to learn how to build a meal from the produce on the stalls.

Organise A Day For The Kids
Food Revolution Day is at heart about food education, so get the younger generation involved! is gearing their market experience in Calabasas, CA towards children on Food Revolution Day, complete with kid-centric food education activities, and Tampa Bay markets are adding a Fit Zone for children play and learn about healthy activity while they visit.

Get The Experts Involved
Get the farmers and producers involved in the fun and set up an ask the expert. The team at Price-Albers farm in Kenai, Alaska will have experts on hand to answer questions and give their top tips.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to add your events to our map and join the global movement!

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