Everyone’s Revolution: Eating Well for Less

Everyone’s Revolution: Eating Well For Less

Tue 07 May 2013

Story by Becky Dempsey

My husband and I love to cook and have made making meals at home a priority. I love to prepare meals made with simple ingredients and Tim enjoys tackling more labor intensive dishes. Both of our moms were great cooks and inspired us to get in the kitchen.

For many years a lot of the recipes came from the recipes our moms passed down and from my complete collection of Jamie’s cookbooks. Later the kids got involved when Jamie at Home was on television and I had them watch. There was one recipe that aired our kids wanted to make so we all piled in the kitchen and made the recipe. It was hit. Later we watched the TV series Food Revolution together as a family and my kids, Jack and Maggie were able to see the impact food choices have on individuals and their families.

Often I hear that eating well and nutritiously is too expensive and time-consuming. Getting families back in the kitchen to prepare a simple meal is not often easy but The Food Revolution is a movement that is getting people excited about getting in there and creating great food while having fun.

In my volunteer work, families are often given foods to prepare with very little choices. I work with these groups on creating meals that are nutritious yet inexpensive. We have had round table discussions where different participants have shared their own ideas, from growing lettuce, tomatoes and herbs in containers on their porches to how to make meals from the items given to them at the Food Bank.

Look for Local Support with the People You Know

Chattanooga is already a giving community, but there is so much more we could all do as friends and volunteers. When planning Food Revolution 2013, I approached my neighborhood Earth Fare grocery store. I shop there often and have gotten to know the folks that work there. I use the many coupons they offer and love collecting their tomato bank points to save as well. I felt it would be a great place to host our first Food Revolution event. I knew we would reach a lot of customers who would already know the importance of cooking and sharing food with their families. We could also encourage people who are new to the idea that came to participate in the store event, curious to learn. I also felt people would be inspired to take this concept out into the community - into their schools, businesses, work and families and build the movement!

Earth Fare has been an amazing partner and all it took was my asking. I am thrilled to work with them on Food Revolution 2013! They have donated all the food, have supplied folks to cook and are giving gift baskets and more. Our event this year will feature two meals – a quick and healthy lunch sandwich wrap and a veggie dinner entrée. Both are made with simple ingredients, many of which can be bought in bulk and stored to keep costs low. I wanted to show that eating well did not have to be expensive or time-consuming.

If you decide to hold a public event, do not shy away from asking for help. If the mission of the organization you are approaching is aligned with Food Revolution’s mission they will most likely be very happy to work with you.

It has been great fun and an honor to be a Food Revolution Ambassador. Please visit our Facebook page Food Revolution, Chattanooga.

Peace everyone and have a Great Food Revolution Day 2013!

About the Author: Becky Dempsey has taught yoga for 18 years and is currently studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Cofounding Chattanooga’s first yoga studio in 1998, she has taught students from all walks of life who are striving to live a healthier life. Volunteering her teaching and coaching services to groups in the community has expanded her reach to many different groups, including those living with HIV and in impoverished communities. Becky believes that all people should have access to nutritious food and plans to continue her outreach to the community with this message. Becky lives with a wonderful cook/husband Tim and their two children, Jack and Maggie.


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