February Recipe of the Month: Minestrone Soup

February Recipe Of The Month: Minestrone Soup

Thu 01 Mar 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Our February Food Revolution recipe was a brand new one – our Minestrone Soup. Jam-packed full of goodness, this vegetable soup is the perfect warming recipe for to keep us toasty warm on the last of the winter nights and it’s great feel good food too – doing anyone who eats it the world of good!

Whether keeping it hearty and chunky, mixing it up in the blender or adding pasta we asked our community to try our Minestrone Soup at home and to share with us their photos and thoughts on this new recipe.

Community Minestrone Soups

1. Anna Carlen - Russian Version Of Minestrone Soup

2. Gerri Sapinoso Hudson - My family loved the minestrone so much, we put it on the menu again this week. I played around with the proportions just to taste the difference. All delicious!

3. Elisa Alexander Dubois - Minestrone yumminess!

4. Annie McMullin Chamberlin - great recipe-thanks!

5. Suzanna McCloskey - Minestrone soup (more like a stew) for my child care. Thank you...they loved it!

6. Food Revolution Team - We made our Minestrone Soup in the slow cooker in the office, putting all the ingredients in as soon as we got in the office in the morning so it was ready just in time for lunch!

More Thoughts On the Minestrone

• Natalie Jones - Minestrone is my favorite soup, and I often use whatever is ready in my garden or whatever I've frozen from my garden. I am definitely trying this recipe too.

• Karen Dorans - It was fabulous. So much goodness!! Next time I will add a little bit of red pepper flakes!

• Deborah Bensinger Matlow - Made it today using parsnip instead of potato. I chopped the kale very fine to make it kid friendly, and my 5 and 2 year olds (as well as mom and dad!) love it. Thanks!

• Jeanne Ambrose - This soup was awesome. My twelve year old was so excited to have homemade soup. All five of us loved it--that is a tall bill to fill. I have to print this recipe and save it!

• Dominique Morin Rolfes - Excellent soup. Made this a couple of weeks ago and added some smoked chicken. Delish!

• Inez Martinez - Take out the bacon and you have a great vegetarian minestrone for veg heads like me and my kids :) I think they'll love this.

• Lisa Davis Macia - The beauty of a recipe is you can tailor it to your own specific tastes and dietary needs....no need to follow to the T.

March Is All About Pancakes!

As we enter March, we’ve got another new recipe for you to try – our All American Pancakes!

This simple recipe is easy to remember and works brilliant every time, plus it’s a great one to get the kids in the kitchen with. You can add some variety to your pancakes by sprinkling over some blueberries, diced banana or any seasonal fruit, before flipping them over.

So this month, why not get busy in the kitchen making some of these pancakes, add your favorite toppings and share all your pictures, from flipping to eating, with us on our Food Revolution Community page.

The Food Revolution Team


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