Food Revolution Blog of the Month: Epicurious Kids

Food Revolution Blog Of The Month: Epicurious Kids

Wed 30 May 2012

Story by The Epicurous Kids

The Epicurious Kids are two brothers passionate about food, both the eating and the cooking of real food. Tristan was 8 and Inigo was 6 when they embarked on their global culinary adventure. Tristan is an avid football player, foodie, iron chef in the making, kung-fu fanatic and aspiring pianist. His passions are shared by his brother Inigo who in addition to golf and badminton, lives to eat, eat and eat. When not chewing, the boys love to travel the world and discover new food cultures, languages and friends. So far, they haven´t encountered a dish they would not eat.

Tristan and Inigo cultivate their passion for food through watching the masters create dishes Iron Chef (Japanese and America), Saturday Kitchen & Master Chef.

The Challenge: To eat and cook through 192 countries.

The Strategy: Start by regions, in order to see the influence among the different cultures and the evolution of cuisine and culture across the globe. Or as Inigo put it, start with Japan (his favorite food country) and everything else follows from there. The Epicurious Kids have cooked through the cuisines of Asia, Eastern Europe and Europe. They are currently cooking up a storm in the Middle East and soon to discover Africa’s exotic cuisine.

Seasonal Foods & Local Produce

Kitchen travel opened their eyes to how food is rooted in the culture of a country and region. They were amazed to see the similarities of dishes from Asia all the way to Eastern Europe. It also taught them the importance of cooking with seasonal ingredients and focusing on local produce. “The taste of a dish all depends on good ingredients.” Inigo always says serving his dishes.

Through their kitchen travels, they invite friends and family to join their adventure, they have cooked Iranian food with cousins in Michigan USA, Indian and Croatian feasts with friends in Brussels, Belgium. And not to forget the holidays, they celebrated their Scandinavian roots with fellow compatriots by baking pepperkaker for Christmas.

When venturing into unknown territory, they like to ask for help from locals to guide them in understanding the local food specialities and customs. They sometimes take a kitchen detour and have an expert show them the ropes on baking and cooking a favourite Filipino dish.

Eating real food and healthy dishes is a real passion for both brothers. They are very focused on healthy living and compete on getting their 5-8 portions of fruits and veggies every day. “You are what you eat…” is a saying they take to heart to keep them aware of how they nourish themselves for their daily activities. They use social media to connect with fellow foodies and nutrition enthusiasts.

Finding More Foods In The Garden

Gardening is a new passion for the boys, when they began cultivating their own herb garden: basil, mint, coriander, oregano, sage, thyme and rosemary. Inigo loves watching his seedling grow, looking forward for the first crop of french beans and tomatoes. Farmers markets are the best places for the boys to discover seasonal ingredients they can use for their dishes. Every chance they get, they visit local markets wherever they travel to find new vegetables and protein to add to their culinary repertoire.

Cooking Brings Out The True Character Of Both Brothers

Tristan being the more creative one, looking at colours, textures and tastes of the food. Plating is a big thing for him. While Inigo is also interested in bold flavours and layered textures in a dish, he is the patient one focused on the food prep from A to Z. Inigo favourite dish to make is fresh pasta, he loves to get his elbows buried in flour and eggs kneading the dough and shaping it into various types of pasta: ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle and the list goes on…

With passion and determination behind the Epicurious Kids, and their stomach grumblings to fuel their focus, they will cook their way around the globe. Intrepid adventurers at heart, with their toque and aprons on, they are up for any foodie challenge.

Favourite food: sushi, dim sum, fondu chinois, grilled lamb chops, caprese salad, anything with quinoa, tortellini in brodo and freshly baked multi grain bread with lots of seed, wild mushroom risotto

Favourite lines: Yes, chef. Service. Garnish. The secret ingredient is… Enjoy.

About the author: Isabella Platon is proud mother to the Epicurious Kids!


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