Food Revolution Community Groups Of The Week 2011

Food Revolution Community Groups Of The Week 2011

Mon 26 Dec 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

In Spring 2011 we decided that our Food Revolution community activist groups were doing such amazing things that we needed to start collecting this content and highlighting in on our website. Not only so that we could shout out about the fantastic work these guys are doing, but also so that we can show how these groups are getting active and creating real change within their communities to inspire others to do the same.

Our first ever group of the week was our East Bay Food Revolution whose goals included inspiring their community’s kids to volunteer, learn about where good food comes from and to facilitate them in enjoying the experience of fresh, beautiful, non-processed food on their plates. Since then we have learned that the East Bay group have not only done demos at local events but they have also been working within school students to educate about fruit and vegetables, we can’t wait to see what else they do in 2012!

Since East Bay Food Revolution we have highlighted another 18 fantastic groups, some who are starting the conversation in their homes and communities like the Bluegrass Food Revolution, starting a revolution within their school and educating students like the St George Food Revolution, or tackling flavored milk and the school system like Santa Monica and Malibu Schools and the Thousand Oaks Food Revolution.

Others are getting the kids involved and spreading the revolution to local farms in the Arizona Food Revolution or starting the food conversation in their communities and beyond like the Noodleonthat Food Revolution and Snohomish Co Food Revolution.

These articles bring home how local movements are really what the Food Revolution is all about, people connecting with others in their community to start the conversation on local food issues and decide whether or not it is good enough, and if not, how it can be changed.

You can see all of these ‘group of the week’ articles here and catch up on how they are kicking off their own revolutions.

We look forward to following these groups’ actions in 2012 and highlighting more amazing groups work. So if your group is getting active and planning for 2012, let us know so we can shout about it!

Here’s to taking the online action offline in 2012!

The Food Revolution Team


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