Food Revolution Competwition #4

Food Revolution Competwition #4

Wed 18 May 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Food Revolution Competition number four took on omelet fillings on Twitter, check out our Food Revolution omelets recipe and below see our winner and the best of the rest. Omelets are such a quick and easy way to eat fresh, tasty food. Download the recipe and post your creations on the Food Revolution Community page – on Friday we’ll be posting our Food Revolution Team creation for you to see. Our winner each weeks receives a signed book from Jamie, see next week’s competwition details below.

Competwition #4: Tuesday May 17 2011 6pm PST / 9pm EST


‘What fillings would you add to make your perfect omelet and what would you call it?


Tender Vixen
@lepetitreve: Tender Vixen: 3 eggs whipped with diced chives, make omelette. grill asparagus w butter & sea salt, fold in with crumbled feta. #foodrevcomp


Rocket Omelette
@sarassaraswati: @FoodRevTeam "rocket omelette" : bacon,tomatoes,cheese,spinach,rosemary and alooott of chillies! #foodrevcomp

Presto Pesto
@RecipeDiva: Add fresh pesto to an omelette + eggs, romano cheese, fresh tomatos ...'Presto Pesto'! Pesto recipe: #foodrevcomp

Spring Taste
@claudiaclaudia: @FoodRevTeam "Spring Taste": tomatoes, chives, corn, peas, chili and mozzarella cheese! #foodrevcomp #foodrevolution

Popeye’s Revenge
@DreanaMom: Popeye's Revenge: 3eggs, spinach, minced garlic, gr red & yel peppers, tomatoes, ched cheese, bacon, parsley. @FoodRevTeam #FoodRevComp

Napolean’s Dynamite Omelette
@_johnny4_: "Napolean's Dynamite Omelette" Proscuito, tomato, fresh mozz. cheese, eggs, milk, basil, S&P. #foodrevcomp

Eat Your Veggies
@JennLStevens: @FoodRevTeam ( - "Eat Your Veggies!" Spinach, Avocado, Artichoke, Gouda, & Sweet Vidalia Onions #FoodRevComp

Borrowed from my fav quiche
@jmcnichol: Borrowed from my fav quiche -- asparagus, bacon, gruyere, tarragon and nutmeg. #Foodrevcomp

The Green Monster
@amolyx: @foodrevteam The Green Monster: Chopped broccoli, baby spinach, diced green peppers topped with cheddar and sea salt. #foodrevcomp

Pigs In An Omelette
@KarmicEvolution: @FoodRevTeam green onion, mushroom, sliced sausage, cheddar cheese - Pigs In An Omelette #foodrevcomp

Magical Mushroom Omelette
@_johnny4_: "Magical Mushroom Omelette" asstd' sliced mushrooms, swiss cheese, and bacon #foodrevcomp

Next Competwition: Tuesday May 24 2011 6pm PST / 9pm EST

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