Food Revolution Cook Off #1

Food Revolution Cook Off #1

Thu 12 May 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Recipe of the week: Caesar on the Lighter Side

Each week, the Food Revolution will be launching a recipe of the week, this will be one of the delicious and nutritionally checked recipes on our website, available for you to download and make yourself. We'll then follow up with the best creations in an article each week.

For our first recipe we chose the Food Revolution's Caesar on the Lighter Side salad, which tied in with the theme of our twitter competwition (weekly on Tuesdays) – salads.
We asked our Food Revolutionaries to download this recipe, make it at home and upload a picture on to our Food Revolution Community Page, where we saw some great photos and variations of this delicious salad.


Caesar on the Lighter Side with Homemade wholegrain bread croutons - Trine Trugvason (1)

We thought this was a great example of doing healthy croutons, using wholegrain bread!


• Caesar on the Lighter Side with Heirloom tomatoes - Elizabeth Ann South Garcia (2)

• Caesar on the Lighter Side with Light pesto, mozzarella and roasted red pepper on Panini sourdough - Stacey Madsen (3)

• Caesar on the Lighter Side with Shallots and tomatoes served alongside panko (Japanese-style bread crumbs) mustard chicken breasts - Teresa Sit Foote (4)

The Food Revolution team also made this Caesar salad (5), adding smoked chicken and lemon zest for a bit of variety. You can see their ingredients and finished salad (above) in the photos on the Food Revolution Community Page.

Don’t worry if you missed out, you can join in on this week’s Food Revolution Recipe:

This weekend try out our Crunchy Garlic Chicken recipe, take a photo and upload it on our Facebook Food Revolution Community Page. If you are looking for a side dish to go with this great recipe, there are some fantastic ideas following this week’s twitter competwition in which the question asked was ‘What would be your perfect side to go with the Crunchy Garlic Chicken?’ Check out this article for the winning side and best of the rest.

We, the Food Revolution team, will again be making the recipe of the week every Friday, this week the Crunchy Garlic Chicken plus the winning side dish, we’ll be uploading our photos – so check the Food Revolution Community page.

Thanks to all who contributed and made the Caesar on the Lighter side, we can’t wait to see your Crunchy Garlic Chicken photos this week!

The Food Revolution Team


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