Food Revolution Cook Off #8: Cupcakes

Food Revolution Cook Off #8: Cupcakes

Thu 30 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Cupcakes are an American favorite and a real treat. Great to make with the kids and so many different variations to try, even adding vegetables, they have the winning combination of looking so great and being so easy! As a finale treat we made our cupcakes the recipe of the week and weren’t surprised to see so many contributions.

The great thing about making your own cupcakes is that you know exactly what goes into them, often store bought cakes are filled with preservatives and flavourings that you don’t need as home baked cakes prove. Our cupcakes with a berry glaze are fun to make with the kids and a delicious treat for all the family – but remember they are an occasional treat!

We asked the Food Revolution community to download this recipe, make their own cupcakes at home – whether for a treat or for a Food Revolution bake sale - and upload all their photos onto the Facebook Food Revolution Community page. We watched as the contributions came rolling in!


Cindy Lahnan Deutsch (1) Banana,orange,cranberry,oat, nut!


• Stephania Dawnia (2) Chocolate Cupcakes (made with soaked whole wheat and oats, sucanat (instead of refined sugar), organic chocolate chips.
• Kristie Weisner McClellan (3) Gluten-free vanilla cupcakes with Jamie's berry icing.
• Lori Hawkins (4) Black bottom cupcakes.
• Portia Millet (5) Cupcakes w Blueberry Glaze.

The Food Revolution team also made cupcakes (6), using a slightly different drizzle swapping out the confectionary sugar for caster sugar & mixed with our strawberries and redcurrants to make a simple berry drizzle for our cakes. We also made the winning cupcakes from last week’s competwition JennLStevens' ‘Gone Bananas!’ – banana, oatmeal cupcakes. We thought these cupcakes were delicious, especially when eaten still warm!

Don’t worry if you missed out, you can join the Food Revolution fun with this week’s 4th July recipe!

Summer is upon us and that means BBQ season so this week try our Barbecued Chicken recipe, you could couple it up with an everyday chopped green salad, just in time for July 4th. So why not get all your friends, family & neighbors together and celebrate Independence Day with some great food. Don’t forget to upload all your BBQ chicken and celebratory photos onto our Food Revolution Community page and keep an eye for ours too!

Thanks to everyone who got creative in the kitchen and made cupcakes, lets spread the cooking revolution together and share are progress, we can’t wait to see all your photos this week!

The Food Revolution Team


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