Food Revolution Cook Off: Halloween

Food Revolution Cook Off: Halloween

Thu 03 Nov 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

We hope you all had a great Halloween and enjoyed cooking up some great healthy treats and autumn inspired dishes to celebrate and get creative at this spooky time of year. We saw lots of pumpkins, spooky versions of some classics and great imagination to get kids excited about cooking and eating fresh.

Halloween has a big focus on treats, which can lead to a lot of processed and artificial products lining the shelves and kids tummies. Taking an American classic, the cupcake, we suggested the Food Revolution Cupcakes recipe instead, adding your own seasonal fruit topping, then you know exactly what you are eating and sharing with others.

Thank you for posting your Halloween cooking photos, we particularly liked Lunchalicious’ banana ghost! Sure to become a classic, very simple and a great way to get kids eating fruit. Check out the best from the community below and find out this week's recipe theme.

Some Of The Best Photos From The Community

Pati Casarin Food Revolution cupcakes: Sharing a picture of the cupcake I made following your Cupcake with Berry Glaze recipe... Just Loved that!!! PS.: I put Strawberry jam as a filling (1)

Deberah Bringelson Homemade dark chocolate spiders. An annual tradition in our house. We give these out to the neighborhood (2)

OutoftheBoxFood Cupcakes with Apple Cider Glaze & Creepy Apple-Almond Teeth - Happy Halloween (3)

Lunchalicious Food Services banana ghost: Place half a banana on a popsicle stick, “paint” some honey on and roll in coconut, add mini choc chips for eyes and a raisin nose. Healthy and fun! (4)

Epicurean Mom Here's my no-bake spider web cheesecake. Perfect for Halloween!(5)

The Naturopath's Kitchen Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes - Gluten & Sugar Free, Vegetarian (6)

The Food Revolution Team made two different types of cupcake, fresh Pumpkin Cupcakes (7) and our Food Revolution Cupcakes with a Blueberry Glaze (8). They went down a treat in the office!

Alternative Halloween Recipes

Out of the Box Food Baked Apples
Cinnamon Apple Chips
Fall Apple Pie
Don’t Throw Those Pumpkin Seeds Away: Roast Them!
Healthy Halloween Pumpkin Cookies, Apple Walnut Bread pudding, and Pumpkin Ginger Martini

This Week’s Theme

It's about wrapping it up burrito style using fresh colourful ingredients; it’s up to you what you put in! Why not try out Sloppy Joes? Or go veggie? We’ll be making some wrapped delights so watch out for our photos as we’ll be uploading them on to the Food Revolution Community page.

Get creative with your wraps and make sure you upload all your cooking photos we love seeing all your great food shots and how they inspire others.

Happy cooking!

The Food Revolution Team


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