Food Revolution Cook-Off: Salmon Fish Cakes

Food Revolution Cook-Off: Salmon Fish Cakes

Wed 31 Aug 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Homemade fish cakes are the best, much like anything homemade. It is all about cooking from scratch and knowing what ingredients you have used so that when you sit down to eat with friends or family you can feel good in the knowledge that you are eating and providing fresh, real food. Its one of lifes great gifts so make your kitchen the hub of your home!

The Food Revolution Community agrees and shared some great fish cake photos on Facebook with sides of fresh salad and brown rice, some with trout, plans to use tuna and even gluten free versions.

With our weekly cook offs we want to provide a platform for everyone to share their cooking and encourage others to join, whether new to cooking or master of your kitchen. Simply sharing your photos on the Facebook Food Revolution Community wall is a way to take part and be a cooking revolutionary, inspiring others to join. Cooking is a key way to Revolutionize your life and feel better for it.

Check out the fish cake creations and find out our new cook off plan below!

Best From The Community

Tracy Wood Salmon Fish Cakes for dinner last night. I used fresh salmon and Yukon Gold potatoes. The method was unusual, but it worked great! Plus they tasted AWESOME! Have four in the freezer! Thanks FoodRevTeam!(1)

Carina Hartl Here we go - salmon fish cakes straight in the pan.(2)

People Food Fresh out of the oven. We substituted steelhead trout for salmon as its more local. These gluten free beauties got along swimmingly with the lemon aoli we paired with them. (3)

Irene Roberts I decided to make these for my lunch today. I used canned Smoked Salmon, but I hope to use fresh Salmon next time. My picky teenage boys will also eat this and love it. My husband, however, is not a fan of Salmon in any form, so I plan on making this with Tuna for lunch for him this week. Two cakes was more than enough to fill me up. =o) (4)

(Dont Be) Too Timid and Squemish Salmon cake with brown rice and tomato (5)

The Food Revolution Team Salmon Fish Cakes(6) were a great success, simply garnished with lemon wedges and a few salad greens! Check out our team Recipes of the Week album for all of our photos and hopefully some inspiration for your next meal.

Dont worry if you missed out, you can still post photos of your fish cakes and all of your cooking creations on the Facebook Food Revolution Community page.

After more than three months of cooking together, posting a new Food Revolution Recipe each week and seeing your creations, we are now looking to YOU for new recipes and recipe themes each week.

With Labor Day approaching we know you will all be planning your food for the end of summer holiday will you be barbecuing, grilling, picnicking, going salad crazy?

You could add some Food Revolution BBQ Chicken to your list! Tell us what youre going to be cooking and make sure you take photos and share them with us on the Facebook Food Revolution Community wall. We will be posting our photos on Labor Day, we may even choose to make one of your recipes! Just post them to our Facebook wall.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your fish cake photos, we looking forward to seeing your Labor Day cook off results.

The Food Revolution Team


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