Food Revolution Cook-Off: Sloppy Joe’s

Food Revolution Cook-Off: Sloppy Joe’s

Thu 25 Aug 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

It was another all-american classic for this week’s cook off, the humble Sloppy Joe. A bit of research showed us that much like a burger or pizza, a Sloppy Joe can have a lot of different ingredients, many of which you may not know about and not always good ones. So our Food Revolution recipe is all about making a quick Sloppy Joe yourself with good ingredients that you’ll know about!

The Food Revolution Community got cooking, many going for healthier versions using low fat ground pork, lean ground turkey or going veggie with lentils. If you’re using meat, the leaner meat is better for the heart! Check out some of the contributions below.


Irene Roberts My version of Jamie's Sloppy Joe's. I used a low fat ground pork, topped it with fresh tomatoes and Feta and served it on flat bread. My teenage boys ate it up and then took the leftovers to school. (1)

Nicole Garcia Delicious!! (2)

Thippi Fleckenstein Jamie Oliver Sloppy Joe recipe, it's what's for dinner :) (3)

Tracy Wood Food Revolution Sloppy Joes. My family loved them! (They look pretty here in the picture, but they got super SLOPPY !! Had to pull out the forks! ) Another great recipe - thanks Jamie! (4)

Mara Panzarella Winders Sloppy Joes Veggie Style - made with lentils on a whole wheat bun. (5)

Our team’s Food Revolution Sloppy Joe’s (6) were a delight with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and some extra cumin and chili with our lean beef mince! Check out our team Recipes of the Week album for all of our photos and hopefully some inspiration for your next meal.

Don’t worry if you missed out, you can still post your Sloppy Joe creations on the Food Revolution Community page and join in with this week’s recipe of the week!

This week our recipe is Salmon Fish Cakes. Homemade fish cakes taste miles better than store-bought ones and you know exactly what goes into them. The cheap factory-made ones can often be filled with things you’d rather not eat. So get cooking!

We’re looking forward to seeing your fish cakes so remember to upload all your photos onto our Facebook Food Revolution Community page. We’ll be posting ours later this week!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your Sloppy Joe photos.

The Food Revolution Team


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