Food Revolution Cook-Off: Thanksgiving Feasts

Food Revolution Cook-Off: Thanksgiving Feasts

Thu 01 Dec 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Our Food Revolution recipe theme last week was in honor of Thanksgiving. We wanted to know what feasts you would be making with friends and family for and what you would be doing with all your Thanksgiving dinner leftovers!

Check out some of the great Thanksgiving recipe ideas and amazing leftover suggestions from our Food Revolution Community below.

The Holiday Season brings the perfect opportunity to get in the kitchen and get cooking. Better still, get the kids involved and use this great opportunity to teach them how to cook! Get some great tips and ideas for getting kids in the kitchen here.

The Food Revolution has also created a new way to give this year – by giving the gift of cooking! Create a Holiday Wish for the Food Revolution and you’ll receive EXCLUSIVE Holiday recipes to share with your loved ones. Find out more here.

Community Thanksgiving and Leftover Feast Photos

Boulder CO Food Revolution Thanksgiving turkey with a red chile rub and grilled on the rotisserie with just a bit of mesquite smoke. It was delicious! (1)

Boulder CO Food Revolution Apple Crumble (2)

Thippi Fleckenstein Here's another leftover Thanksgiving idea: Make leftover quesadillas! Quick & easy meal about 20min. (if you're making salad to go with) & you have yourself a nice meal. (3)

Emma Johnson We are thankful for: turkey-sandwiches with bacon, drumstics, potatoe-wedges, caesar salad, brownies, ... :) and a very nice evening with friends! (4)

Kelly Anderson Thanksgiving Feast (5)

The Food Revolution team celebrated Thanksgiving by holding a cooking class for our US intern, Laura and her friends (6).

Rather than cooking the traditional turkey, we taught our class how to make some delicious homemade meatballs and homemade tomato sauce which we sat down together to enjoy with some pasta and our everyday chopped green salad. You can see all of our Thanksgiving Feast photos here.

Other Thanksgiving Community Recipes

Rebecca Riel Cheers to nontraditional thanksgiving meals!! We had marinated flank steak, rice, broccoli and beans sautéed in a little olive oil and garlic and homemade yeast rolls :-)

Jeremy Wilson Thanksgiving Dinner: 100% Grass-fed and locally grown 8 ounce Sirloin Beef Steak from Tenino, WA; Organic Broccoli that will be steamed; and Organic potatoes which will be twice baked and infused with organic raw goat’s cheese, organic shiitake mushrooms, roasted organic garlic, organic thyme, cilantro, and oregano. Simple, holistic, and gastronomically gratifying!

Marty Fletcher Chicken Rossini, spinach, sweet and roast potatoes, Cauliflower. HT to everyone

Marci Sudlow Turkey and stuffing made with HFCS-free bread, onions, organic celery, and giblets. Mashed potatoes and baked butternut squash, both organic. Lemon meringue pie made with organic lemons and cage-free organic eggs.

Community Leftover Ideas & Recipe Suggestions

Lis Freemantle My favorite is the turkey dinner casserole. You layer left over stuffing with a mixture of shredded turkey, veg and gravy and then a final layer of left over mashed potatoes. Top with a bit of paprika and bake in a 350 oven for about 35 min to heat through. Yummy!

Melissa Clark Well be at least making turkey stock for soup, turkey casserole, and loaded baked potato soup.

Denise M Clancy Today, everything but the sweet potatoes and cranberries go into a huge pot for thanksgiving Stew- all of it! (except one bag of turkey that I'm saving to make enchiladas with tomorrow).

Boulder, CO Food Revolution
Turkey Curry with Fruit and Nuts

Join the Food Revolution Cook-Off this Week!

Our Food Revolution recipe this week is the winter warming Corn Chowder, it’s one of the ultimate comfort foods and perfect as we head into colder weather! Make sure you upload your corn chowder and other favorite soup recipes onto our Food Revolution Community page.

Happy Holidays!

The Food Revolution Team


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