Food Revolution Day 2012

Food Revolution Day 2012

Thu 01 Mar 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

Food Revolution Day is Jamie’s first day of action and inaugural global food festival to mark our commitment to food education for a better life.

As we all know, we are amidst an epidemic - obesity and diet related diseases are defining the health of the next generation. We want food education back in schools, universities, homes, communities and businesses. Food Revolution Day aims to educate, empower and inspire people everywhere to stand up for real food. Let’s start a conversation about global and local food issues, ask people to consider their food choices and provide a platform for those with the skills and knowledge about food to pass that along through local events.

The Day

Food Revolution Day is on Saturday, 19th May. Events will kick off in schools and businesses on Friday and activities continue through to Sunday, with the focus of action on Saturday.

We will be looking to everyone and anyone who cares about food to step up, get involved and join people around the world by hosting or attending local food events in their community. All funds raised during the campaign will go to impact local and national projects and help us launch a food education movement spearheaded by our annual day of action.

How To Get Involved

We’ve just launched our Food Revolution Day landing page where people can register their interest. By registering you will be kept updated in the lead up to the launch of the full website on April 3rd, and be the first to know once it goes live with lots of exciting features, resources and more information on how to get involved.

You can also apply to be a Food Revolution Day Ambassador or submit an offer of sponsorship or your help for Food Revolution Day through the landing page. Interested? Submit a form and we’ll be in touch with more details!

Jamie’s Foundation Projects

All of Jamie’s foundation projects are supporting Food Revolution Day in the UK, US and Australia. 100% of Food Revolution Day funds raised will go to food education projects through the Jamie Oliver Foundation, a charity registered in England and Wales, the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in the USA, a non-profit, pending 501(c)(3) status and in Australia, working with The Good Guys and their charitable arm, The Good Foundation, to facilitate and fund our Ministry of Food project.

What Next?

Register your interest in Food Revolution Day by signing up at to stay up to date. Remember to stay connected through Twitter and Facebook. You can also contact us at

Join us on Twitter @FoodRev

Join the conversation with the Facebook Food Revolution Community

We look forward to joining forces with you all on Food Revolution Day!

The Food Revolution Day Team


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