Food Revolution Day Celebrations in Bath

Food Revolution Day Celebrations In Bath

Mon 24 Jun 2013

Story by Zita Alves

When some Fitness Professional friends of mine mentioned becoming a voluntary Food Revolution Ambassador the idea appealed to me as I love food cooking and eating! I applied to become a local ambassador for Bath and Somerset.

Why I Decided To Get Involved

I was born in the UK to an English mother (who is a great cook) and a Portuguese father who loves to eat. Evening meals were always a focus and we sat down together at the table and despite holding down a full time job and bringing me up my mum always cooked from scratch.

This communal love of cooking, eating and sharing is the essence to me of what Food Revolution is all about, I want to be a part of bringing this into UK homes and families as I see it is sadly so lacking in comparison to Portugal and other countries. My working background includes years working in highly stressful marketing agencies before I switched careers to become a Personal Trainer. Before this change I was fat, unfit, ill, and tired due to poor lifestyle choices. I now love to work with other people and share my knowledge and skills to help people look and feel better and find health and happiness.

Organizing and Planning

I secured Green Park Station in Bath as the venue for the Food Revolution Day event. I realized that I needed to see people in person to share my passion face to face and get them excited about taking part so I went knocking on doors and gathered some great people to take part in the activity.

I also set up a community Facebook Page to share with people what was happening on May 17th and for us to share recipes, ideas, education with each other. We created flyers to tell everyone about our activity which I distributed around Bath in as many places as I could. I also contacted Bath On TV who came down to film part of the event and this has been a great way of us sharing what we did so that next year we can get even more interest.

Food Revolution Day 2013

Finally Friday May 17th arrived with activities happening all around the world! We started at 11am and everyone had free recipes to give away and there were tastings and demos from spring rolls and smoothies to cupcakes and chutneys, along with general information to help educate the public. Check out this video with some highlights of the day.

It was a lot of work to organize and it was hard to get people involved but there was a great buzz and energy during the day and I met some lovely people who all want to help educate people so it was worth the effort.

Knowing that you were doing something in your local area along with thousands of people around the world made it special and having the Food Revolution Facebook group for all of us ambassadors to share our events and ideas meant that we never felt alone.


About the Author: Zita Alves lives in Somerset and after a career change from fat, sick, unfit Project Manager to Personal Trainer she's never looked back. She runs Zest Bootcamp group exercise programme in Bath, does 1-1 Personal Training, has cookbooks/online programmes and in 2010 developed a fitness product called the Ztrainer. Apart from food and cooking, Zita loves music, dancing and travel. If you are in the Bath, UK area and interested in volunteering to make next years Food Revolution Day even bigger and better, email fitnesszita (at)


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