Food Revolution Day Events On A Budget

Food Revolution Day Events On A Budget

Mon 30 Apr 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

When we say that everyone can be a part of Food Revolution Day, we mean it! You donít need to have a location or an infinite budget or fancy connections to do something great for your community. There are lots of ways that you can get involved and connect with your community without spending money and without a location; you just need to get a little creative!

If you are wondering how you can get involved without spending money and without a fixed location then check out some of the ideas below, and once youíve decided what you want to do, donít forget to add it to the map!

6 Low or No Budget Event Ideas For Food Revolution Day!

1. Tour Your Local Farmerís Market
Who needs to book a venue, when there is already a place in your community that celebrates real food? Why not contact the organizer of your local market and offer to host market tours. Speak to the farmers and stall holders and gather information that you can share with those that attend.

2. Host Tours Of Your Local Grocery Store
320,000 edible products are for sale in the United States, with as many as 40,000 on display in any large supermarket.[1] It is natural that anyone would be intimidated and overwhelmed by what they find in the grocery store and what they should actually be putting in their basket! Hosting tours of your grocery store for shoppers or members of the community can help educate them on what all those labels really mean, and inspire them to skip the junk food and shop the perimeters.

3. Eating Audits & Advice Sessions
Why not reach out to your local schools or businesses and offer run a free session on health and wellbeing for students and employees. You could do a free eating audit - find out what people are really eating and why and advise them on how to make small changes that can make a big difference. If youíre talking to schools then why not carry out the Food Revolution school food audit.

4. Connect With Local Businesses
Do you have a great local coffee shop in your town? How about a cheese shop or a butcher? Why not link up with them and see if you can bring a group in to talk about where their produce comes from or have a tasting? Local businesses should be happy to get involved with this as your showcasing their great produce!

5. Gather Outside
Soak up that Vitamin D and host your event outdoors, whether itís a garden party, street party or community picnic. You could even ask local experts if they are interested in sharing their knowledge for free with their community. Activity and exercise are also a big part of a healthy lifestyle, so why not host an outdoor yoga class or sports day.

6. Potlucks
Potlucks are great because you donít need to spend money providing food for all your guests, you just need to provide one dish and ask everyone else to do the same. That way you donít need to spend any more money than you normally would on food. You can then educate one another on what your dishes are, where they originate and what their nutritional benefits are. Why not reach out to local families in your community and get each family to bring a dish to share.

Once youíve decided the type of event you want to run, you can upload it to the global map of events on the Food Revolution Day website! Also make sure to search the map and see whatís already going on in your community.

The Food Revolution Day Team

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