Food Revolution Facebook Polls: The Results

Food Revolution Facebook Polls: The Results

Fri 09 Sep 2011

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This summer, we’ve been running a series of polls on the Food Revolution Facebook page – maybe you’ve been following them, or taken part.

We wanted to find out what matters most to our Food Revolution community, how food has featured over their summer, and what they’re planning to do next.

We had a great response; a big thank you to everyone who got involved. From your answers, it’s clear to see that the Food Revolution is going strong! The results suggest a huge range of ways to get involved, so if you’re looking for that next step why not start by seeing what other Revolutionaries’ have been doing?

Below are the five questions we asked, and the highest-rated three answers to each. There are also some tips on how you can use this information to help improve America’s health.

Q1. First off, we wondered how would you like to see Chefs involved in the Food Revolution?

• Linking up with local schools to become mentors for students (37.11%)
• Teaching community classes and sharing their knowledge on local foods (26.9%)
• Joining forces with other local chefs to tackle food in the community (11.33%)

Do you know a Chef with the skills and the passion to help improve the health and food knowledge of their neighborhood? There are a number already doing so, mainly by holding cooking classes for local children and adults. Chefs can make a huge difference whether in schools or the wider community. You can encourage them to sign up to, or create, a Food Revolution group such as our Los Angeles Chefs & Professionals.

Q2. As season 2 of the Food Revolution ended, we asked: As this is YOUR Food Revolution, what will be your first action?

• Trying new foods, learning to cook & share my knowledge with others (42.17%)
• Plant a garden & eat & buy fresh produce at a local farmers market (15.36%)
• Planning actions for tackling school food in the fall (11.17%)

If you’re still looking for inspiration on how to get started on these, or if the momentum has waned slightly, you’ll hopefully be motivated by our recipes and some tales of great gardens that people have set up in schools and the community all across the country. There are also the Food Revolution toolkits and support tools to arm you with all the facts as we head into the fall and the new school year.

Q3. We wanted to know: What Summer Revolutions you had planned?

• Visiting local farmers markets and getting fresh local food (27.86%)
• Growing Herbs (17.05%)
• Growing a garden (11.75%)

How did it go? Did you achieve your foodie goals? We’d love to hear about your summers: what you grew, cooked and ate from your own gardens, all about your green fingers and gardening tips, and new foods you tried at your local farmers’ markets or whilst on vacation! So why not let us know and share your photos and stories with our Food Revolution Community.

Q4. Towards the end of the summer we started thinking about school food again and asked our community ‘What are your main concerns with school food?

• Availability of processed & junk foods (28.8%)
• Lack of fresh fruit and veg (20.4%)
• Lack of scratch cooking on site (14.8%)

Knowing what you see as the main problems, we then wanted to know what you considered the solutions to be, asking: What actions will you be taking to improve school food?

• Bring your own lunch (57.17%)
• Join or think about creating a wellness committee (12.3%)
• Joining a local group and connecting with other parents (8.08%)

Many of our Food Revolution groups shared the same concerns when it comes to school meals, and with the holidays at an end, thousands of children are back to regularly eating sub-standard food. Although bringing in your own lunch picked up the most votes, it’s not an option for everybody – and besides, the ultimate goal must be for school food to be of a quality that every parent can feel happy about their child eating daily.

Now is the time to discuss with others exactly what you want to change. If you’re not already a member of a local Food Revolution group, joining one is an excellent place to start. It connects you with other parents in your area, and would make it easy to take our school food audit to find out exactly what is being served in your schools. Together, you can decide on your main goals and use our toolkits, support tools and presentation to start asking questions.

There’s no better time to put everything that you have learnt and all your ideas in to action! You can find out some more information on how to get involved with school food this fall here. Don’t forget to keep us up to date with your Revolution’s progress by regularly posting on the Food Revolution Community Facebook wall.

Keep an eye out for more Facebook polls on the Food Revolution Community page over the coming months!

The Food Revolution Team


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