Food Revolution Milk Week: November 7-11

Food Revolution Milk Week: November 7-11

Thu 06 Oct 2011

Story by Jessica Tully

Food Revolution Community Leaders Ready for Second Flavored Milk Week of Action, November 7-11

Here we go! From November 7-11 hundreds of communities - from New Jersey to Utah, Hawaii to Alaska - will simultaneously rally to create a second wave of change during the Flavored Milk Week of Action!

Concerned parents, teachers, nutritionists, school staff and students will take action. They will call on their local school administrators to use their power to make lasting change by eliminating flavored milk over the course of this school year.

We invite all Food Revolutionaries to join us in creating fun events, actions and conversations with school officials that help your school move towards the elimination of flavored milk in this school year.

What Is The Milk Week Of Action About?

• Helping people understand why flavored, sweetened milk is a matter of concern for childhood health.
• Demonstrating that lots of people in the school love pure, white milk and are ready to get rid of flavored milk.
• Working with your school officials to shift toward serving flavored milk only as a treat starting this school year.

There are already nearly 50 school districts around the country that we know of, taking steps to reduce flavored milk in school cafeterias. It’s time to add more. If you want to get involved, any bit you do helps!

What Does A Leader do?

1. Signs up to lead, joins our leader-based Flavored Milk Action Group on Facebook, and promotes the local Week of Action online and at school.

2. Gets educated about the issues.

3. Works with other involved local community members to make a plan for the Week of Action that is fun and informative.

4. Reaches out to the school(s) to find out what’s being served, and how change can be achieved together.

5. Gets people mobilized for the Flavored Milk Week of Action November 7-11.

As an example, one Food Revolution parent leader, named Kim, worked over the summer with the Health & Wellness committee in her school district outside of Los Angeles to plan a district-wide event for October that will take up the challenge of getting kids to choose pure, white milk. They have considered ideas like a milk mustache contest and the possibility of bringing a cow to an assembly to illustrate where milk comes from and its value in wholesome, unprocessed form.

Another group of parent Milk leaders in Massachusetts is capitalizing on the positive experience of their Milk actions in June to work with a new school administration on reducing the amount of flavored milk served by creating “White Milk Wednesdays” and “Flavored Milk Fridays.”

We will provide Milk Week leaders with a simple “Playbook” to follow, rock-solid facts about flavored milk, and examples of what other Districts have done. We also have flyers and sign-on letters and a calculator to help you figure out how much sugar is in your kids’ milk.

Ready To Act?

1. Just send an email to our dedicated account at with the following information:

• Name:
• Email:
• City and State:
• School Name and ZIP:

2. Join our Flavored Milk Week of Action Facebook Page to connect with 460+ other leaders.

Please support our campaign to get rid of flavored milk in schools. Tell your school you want white milk instead!

About the author: Jessica Tully is an artist and California based Field Organizer for Jamie’s Food Revolution.

Images: Taken from the Food Revolution's June Milk Day of Action.


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