Food Revolution On Twitter This Week

Food Revolution On Twitter This Week

Thu 02 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Thie weeks theme: Good Fast Food!

Our weekly twitter competitions on Tuesdays and Twitter parties on Wednesday are proving that the Food Revolution has an amazing core of engaged individuals who believe in the Food Revolution and raising awareness around good real food for all. This week we were talking good fast food and getting your best potato creations. Check out our competition winner below – who receives a signed book from Jamie! - and the best tweets from the party.


Tuesday May 31st 2011 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Question: What’s your favorite potato dish? Baked mashed, sautéed… & what would you call it? #FoodRevComp

Winner: Potato Salad @FoodRevTeam potato salad. Colored minis with olive oil, finishing salt and pepper. add a green onion. Nice in this humidity. #FoodRevComp

Best Of The Rest
• Crisp Roast Potato Wedges OutoftheBoxFood 7 yr olds entry – “Crisp Roast Potato Wedges” –potatoes cut in wedges, onion pieces, olive oil, salt & pepper roasted in the over #FoodRevComp
• Potatoes Eastern European NYFarmer #FoodRevComp Potatoes Eastern European: Blob of tangy yogurt, smattering of dill leaves. Simple, tasty
• Dads BBQ Baby Reds JaimeMorlin Dads BBQ Baby Reds – Baby Reds tossed w/ olive oil, garlic, rosemary and grilled over the smokey flames- Dads a brilliant chef:) #FoodRevComp

Next Competwition: Tuesday June 7 2011 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT


Wednesday June 1st 2011 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT

Party Questions
Q1. How often do you go to fast food joints? #FoodRevParty
Q2. What do you think of the food? Do you know what’s in it? #FoodRevParty
Q3. What about sodas & flavoured milks at fast food joints? #FoodRevParty
Q4. What good fast food do you make at home? #FoodRevParty
Q5. Question from one of our party goers - what good fast food can you do with vegetables? I'm sure you've all got great ideas!! #foodrevparty

Best Tweets
Lunchalicious LunchaliciousFoodSer Personally would rather buy quality food and enjoy a nice BBQ steak or seafood for less $$. #FoodRevParty
bctripletmom Miranda Johnson @FoodRevTeam I know it's not good to have...some we get has too much saturated fat I'm sure. Again I say - :( #foodrevparty
JanineHudsonBC Janine Hudson My boys love water. They rarely get juice. and usually milk in morning. #FoodRevParty
hotelqueen Maranda @foodrevteam eggs! super fast, inexpensive & you can do so much with them. i also make my own w/w pizza crust for easy pizzas #foodrevparty
Health_Bean HealthBean have precooked grains, beans, and veg in fridge. Stirfry with soy sauce, hot sauce, and worcestershire. Top w/some feta, yum! #foodrevparty

Next Party: Wednesday June 8 2011 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT

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