Food Revolution Photo Wall: 2011 Round Up

Food Revolution Photo Wall: 2011 Round Up

Thu 15 Dec 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

When we launched the Food Revolution School Lunch Photo Wall back in September, we wanted to open an honest conversation on school food, to see exactly what is on the lunch tray and compare it to other lunches, not only across the nation, but also across the world! And that is exactly what has happened, over 200 school lunches have been added to the photo wall, receiving over 34,000 votes.

Although closing briefly over the holiday season, the photo wall will remain open for the whole of the 2011/2012 school year in order to build a powerful showcase of school lunches to compare for years to come and as new standards are implemented.

But as we are about to close the photo wall for the holiday season, we are looking back at the lunches that have been uploaded this semester, both good and bad. We’ve seen school lunch right across the spectrum with some being tagged as fresh, appealing and healthy while others have been tagged as disgusting, processed and greasy.

So, here are the top 10 best and top 10 worst school lunches as rated by you this semester... if you don’t agree with the way visitors have rated, you know what to do, go to the wall and make your ratings of each, every vote counts!

Top 10 Best School Lunches

As rated by visitors to the Photo Wall

1. Lori, Thousand Oaks, California – fruit salad, green salad, almonds, feta, pomegranate seeds, vegetables
2. Debra, Londonderry, New Hampshire – frittata, freshly baked pumpkin scones, watermelon, almond
3. Debra, Londonderry, New Hampshire – samosa, curried chickpea, naan, paneer, cashews, mango, yogurt
4. Liza, Thousand Oaks, California – sautéed greens, spaghetti with tomato sauce, fresh green salad
5. Lynn, Santa Fe, New Mexico – green and white fettuccine

6. Erin, Winthrop, Maine – healthy, balanced, tasty, homemade
7. East Harlem, New York– fresh, healthy, chicken, broccoli, brown rice, honeydew melon
8. Debra, Londonderry, New Hampshire – soba noodle salad, sesame dressing, shrimp skewers, roasted edamame, honeydew melon
9. Kenichi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo –fresh
10. Debra, Londonderry, New Hampshire – sandwich, protein, veggies

Top 10 Worst School Lunches

As rated by visitors to the Photo Wall

1. M, Henderson, Nevada – processed, tv dinner, microwaved
2. Rachel, Kenosha, Wisconsin – cheese quesadilla, crackers
3. Kimberly, Springfield, Missouri - processed
4. Rachel, Kenosha, Wisconsin – cheese pizza, carrots, dressing
5. Brandon, Shoreline, Washington – turkey sandwich fruit, chips, chocolate milk
6. Keiki, Palm Beach, Florida – flavored milks
7. Rachel, Kenosha, Wisconsin – corn dogs, tator tots, catsup, peaches, crackers
8. Pat, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
9. Kayren, Asheville, North Carolina
10. Christine, Rockland, Maine


You may notice that the above Top 10s are not exactly as they appear on the Photo Wall if you filter be ‘best rated’ and ‘worst rated’. This is because the different school lunch photos have been on the site for varying lengths of time and each have different numbers of ratings. For this reason we’ve weighted your ratings against the total number of ratings per lunch to come up with the true top 10 best and worst.

Top 5 Bagged Lunches

As rated by visitors to the Photo Wall lots of bagged lunches added to the wall, we’ve separated these into their own category as they differ from meals provided by the school in that school lunches must provide specific food types on the tray, whereas most schools don’t regulate what can and can’t be in the lunch bag.

1. Jessica, Bristow, Virginia – homemade sandwich and home grown veggies
2. Tammy, Henderson, Nevada
3. Krisztina, Tarzana, California – wholegrain tortilla roll, hummus, wholegrain pretzels, melon balls
4. Carrol, Sooke, Canada – entree, veggie and dips, fresh, local, organic
5. Amy, Santa Cruz, California –hummus, wholegrain crackers, fruits and veggies

Stayed tuned next week to find out the two school lunches Jamie and the Food Revolution Team will feature from the best and worst Top 10s!

Big thanks to everyone who has so far added their lunch photos or rated lunches on the photo wall, keep them coming!

When the photo wall re-opens in 2012 for the new semester, we want to see even more lunches, so if you haven’t added any photos yet, be sure to visit your local school to see and taste what is on the lunch tray, snap a photo and add it to the wall. If you have added photos then why not add some more and share with us the food served all week, and the difference in school food across the seasons!

Is YOUR State Represented Yet?

Although we have seen school lunches from most states - nearly 80% represented! - we are looking forward to seeing what’s on the lunch tray in the missing states! So, Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming, what’s for lunch?!

Don’t forget, this is by no means aimed at getting at school food and nutrition staff. We just want to really see what is on the lunch tray, show the variation in what kids across the country, and world, are getting each day and start an honest conversation as to whether or not it is good enough. What do you think?

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