Food Revolution Supper Clubs

Food Revolution Supper Clubs

Wed 07 Mar 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Obesity is preventable. Yet worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980, and each year 2.8 million adults die as a result of being overweight or obese. There are now over 1.5 billion adults who are overweight and obese, but this epidemic is not only affecting adults, with nearly 43 million children under the age of 5 obese. Nor is it only affecting developed countries, with close to 35 million overweight children living in developing countries and 8 million in developed countries (1). It’s time to make a difference.

Food education is vital in fighting obesity and the global epidemic of diet-related diseases. The Food Revolution aims to change the way people eat by educating every child about food, giving families the skills and knowledge to cook again and motivating people everywhere to stand up for their rights to better food. But to do so we need your help...

Host A Food Revolution Fundraising Supper Club

Supper Clubs are a great way to get your friends and family together and start the conversation on local food issues. By using your supper club to raise funds for the Food Revolution you’ll be helping to continue the movement across the US and beyond in order to tackle the epidemic of obesity and diet related diseases, and reverse the negative impacts they have on society through improved food education. Plus you get to enjoy some great food too!

Big or small, grand or simple, your supper club can be as fancy or as homely as you like. Where you can, try to use local, sustainable food sources and support local farms and businesses – they could even come along to talk your guests through the produce! - and don’t forget to make it clear why you are hosting the supper club and why the Food Revolution matters to you.

Simple Supper Clubs

It’s really easy to organize a simple supper club. All you need to do is define who your guests will be (friends, family, colleagues, community members), how many people you invite, what’s on the menu (how many courses and who will be cooking) and depending on the number of guests, your location (your house, a friend’s house, a community hall).

Going All Out!

If you want to go all out and host a bigger event then there are a few more things to consider.

1. Securing Suppliers And Partners

Securing food partners is paramount to the success of the event, without them the menu and reservations can’t be decided or announced and without those, no one can attend! You know who your local farmers and food vendors are so, reach out them, visit them on their turf, find out what they can supply. Try to have each partner secured as early as possible, as soon as your start thinking about and planning your supper club, you need to start identifying and connecting with potential partners. Reach out to a few farmers, ranchers, brewers and start the conversation. It might also be worth seeing if your local vendors or Whole Foods store might be interested in donating some ingredients too.

2. Secure Your Space

Another thing which needs to be confirmed as early as possible is where you are going to have the supper club. Find out what locations are available in your local area for this, and reach out to the owners. Whether a town or community hall, civic center or local restaurant, the location needs to be spacious, have a fully functioning kitchen (great if this is viewable from the dining tables), plus the owner/manager needs to be on board with the supper club concept!

3. Work Out Who’ll Be In The Kitchen And What You'll Be Cooking

Once you have your partners and suppliers sorted and know what food you have to play with, as well as a location sorted and therefore information on exactly what cooking equipment you have, you can start planning your menu. Work out whether you want to cook it, with help from others or if not, perhaps you can get a local chef or catering company on board to help. Although you’ll have a pretty good idea of what food ingredients you will have, until the foods are in your hands, you won’t really know – therefore be prepared for a chance of food substitutions!

4. The Guest List

Once you have everything else in place and confirmed get the guest list sorted, who you are inviting (or opening it up to), how many people you can cater for, and how to fill all the seats. Do you want your Supper Club to be for friends and family? Or open to the community?

Get some more great tips for hosting Food Revolution supper clubs from previous hosts including information on themes, partners, filling seats and making it an event to remember…

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5. Raising Dollars

Whether hosting a simple supper club or something more lavish, you’ll need to have a think about how much money you want to raise and how you can go about collecting it. You can either set an initial price for your supper club, sell tickets in advance or you can ask for donations on the night. It’s a good idea to set a goal for how much you want to raise and based on that, decide how much each guest should pay (if you are selling tickets) – remember they can always pay more if they are feeling generous!

To find out how to transfer the funds raised from your supper club to the Food Foundation email us here and we can send you the details, alternatively you can donate through our fundraising project page on

Got the basics covered? Get some more top tips to make sure your supper club runs smoothly and is a night to remember!

The Food Revolution Team

1. World Health Organization (WHO) – Overweight & Obesity Fact Sheet

Taken from a London Supper Club


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