Food Revolution Twitter Party #3

Food Revolution Twitter Party #3

Thu 28 Apr 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Our latest Food Revolution Twitter Party was busy last night with over 500 tweets and great conversation around the recent news that our milk campaign is working, about you wanting better school food for your kids and the local community actions going on near you. If you missed out, don’t worry, see the details of next week’s party below!

Twitter Party #3: Wednesday April 27 2011 7pm PST / 10pm EST

Winner of the Food Revolution ‘Smoothie’ Competwition was announced!

FoodRevTeam Food Revolution Team Congratulations to @JadeEmilyC for her winning #FoodRevComp smoothie Mango Tango! #FoodRevParty!!

Next Competwition is next Tuesday May 3 - 6pm PST / 9pm EST


Q1. What Food Revolution community actions did everybody get up to over the Easter weekend or Passover week? #FoodRevParty

Q2. What great healthy meals did you cook over the Easter weekend or Passover week? #FoodRevParty

Q3. What #FoodRevolution community actions are going on in your area? #FoodRevParty

Q4. Have you joined a #FoodRevolution community group in your area? If so what goals have you set? #FoodRevParty

Q5. Have you observed any positive changes in your community regarding healthy eating habits? #FoodRevParty

Q6. Do your local schools have working gardens where produce can be grown? #FoodRevParty


• kristilyn_r @FoodRevTeam
My sister in law had 3 salads and 3 veggies at Easter dinner. It was great and the cheesecake felt special after. #foodrevparty
Food Revolution Team@kristilyn_r #FoodRevParty YUM! What kinds of salads were they?
kristilyn_r@ FoodRevTeam
A Greek salad, apple-pecan-balsamic salad, and a lite Caesar. Plus steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. #foodrevparty

• scatteredmom@ FoodRevTeam
My kid's school has a farmer come once a month w/ fresh produce. Before, they laughed at me when I suggested #FoodRevParty

• fedupwithlunch@ FoodRevTeam
One of my student's parents told me she got rid of her fryer last year. she looks great too, lost weight! #foodrevparty

• Lunchalicious @FoodRevTeam
Our school has a small garden for the Kindergarteners that we volunteer with. The kids LOVE it! #foodrevparty
Food Revolution Team @Lunchalicious FAB!! #foodrevparty

• ImperfectLaura @FoodRevTeam
Local school served real baked chicken bones & all today. Didn't drench it in unhealthy sauces like ranch. #foodrevparty
ImperfectLaura @FoodRevTeam
The govt paid for the chicken too & it came baked.Just had to heat it up.Easy to make & healthy: novel concept. #foodrevparty

Next Party: Wednesday May 4 - 7pm EST / 4pm PST

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