Food Revolution Twitter Party #4

Food Revolution Twitter Party #4

Fri 06 May 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

This week’s party conversations were all about community gardens, cooking and kids getting involved with the Food Revolution. Growing food to eat is a great process for kids to be involved with to understand where their food comes from and the reward of eating their own produce, yum! For details on next week’s party see below.

Twitter Party #4: Wednesday May 4th 2011 7pm EST / 4pm PST

Winner of the Food Revolution ‘Salad’ Competwition was announced!

The Winner was Sweet Spring!
bentofabulous Stephanie Rempe #foodrevcomp fresh picked baby greens, thin red onion, crumbled feta w/ honey balsamic vinaigrette. - name-Sweet Spring @FoodRevTeam

Next Competwition is next Tuesday May 10 - 6pm PST / 9pm EST


Q1. Do you have a garden at the school? #foodrevparty

Q2. Have your school kitchens linked up with the garden? Served food made with veggies grown there? #foodrevparty

Q3. Do you guys do any community cooking? If so, where? #foodrevparty

Q4.You guys have a community page? #foodrevparty

Q5. How can kids get involved in the Food Revolution? #foodrevparty

Q6. How many Local FoodRev FB Community Leaders are at the #foodrevparty?


deeFSU @FoodRevTeam kids like to have a say in what they're eating so just let them choose btwn healthy foods #foodrevparty

Johane_Levesque: @FoodRevTeam No garden at school. Too cold here. Growing season too short. #foodrevparty
FoodRevTeam Food Revolution Team Even in colder climates, having an indoor garden is possible, though certainly more of a challenge. #foodrevparty

sctt_hddn: Sm gardens @ home, let the kids choose what they want 2 grow. Show them how 2 start it, then let them do rest #foodrevparty

eatlivtravwrite@FoodRevTeam #foodrevparty Not sure it counts as "community cooking" but I host a boys' cooking club at my school

bigguysmama@FoodRevTeam Can't wait until the weather warms up enough to start planting here in MN! #foodrevparty

kristilyn_rI find growing anything indoors challenging, though some herbs grow quite well. May experiment more this winter. #foodrevparty

Next Party: Wednesday 11th May 2011 7pm PST / 10pm EST

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