Food Revolution Twitter Party #5

Food Revolution Twitter Party #5

Thu 12 May 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Our Food Revolution twitter party conversations this week focused on our fantastic activist groups, community actions, events and the sharing of ideas around how to start the Food Revolution in your local community! Details on next week’s party are at the bottom.

Twitter Party #5: Wednesday May 11th 2011 7pm PST / 10pm EST

Winner of the Food Revolution ‘Side dish to Crunchy Garlic Chicken’ Competwition was announced:

Sautéed Broccoli Salad!
Johane Levesque - Johane_Levesque #FoodRevComp light sautéed broccoli w/sprinkle of lemon and couscous salad w/diced tricolour bell peppers sprinkled w/gr onions @FoodRevTeam

We’ll be cooking this along with the crunchy garlic chicken recipe tomorrow so look out for our photos on the Food Revolution Community page.

Next Competwition is Tuesday May 17th - 6pm PST / 9pm EST


Q1. We have some fantastic community activist groups, what #foodrevolution discussions have you started in your community? #foodrevparty

Q2. Whether you are part of a group or not, what community actions do you have planned to spread the #FoodRevolution? #foodrevparty

Q3. How many of you have sugary milk served in your kid's schools? #foodrevparty

Q4. Some of our amazing groups created events like chef and cooking demos, what/if any community demos have you attended lately? #foodrevparty

Q5. One of our groups is planning a ‘healthy snack party’, what #foodrevolution parties do u have planned or would you like 2? #foodrevparty


KarmicEvolution Jodi S @FoodRevTeam Im trying to revolutionize in my own home right now... Gotta start where I know and can learn #foodrevparty

Lunchalicious LunchaliciousFoodSer Plan to continue working w/ elementary school garden. Currently only one small plot...wld like to see entire school involved! #foodrevparty

OutoftheBoxFood Kim Gerber @FeedOurFamilies @outoftheboxfood and work w/district to make changes to hot lunch program. Getting rid of choc milk is biggie

scatteredmom Karen Humphrey @OutoftheBoxFood I think it's important to get local ppl who produce foods involved in schools. #FoodRevolution #foodrevparty

Johane_Levesque Johane Levesque #FoodRevParty met w/ local restaurant to organise cooking classes to continue their community outreach. Meeting again early next week.

FeedOurFamilies FeedOurFamilies We're working on after-school enrichment programs & cooking/nutrition has been requested. Can't wait to get started! #foodrevparty

DreanaMom A Swelander It's not a community event, but my kids aged 12 & 19 each cook one night a week with coaching my hb and I. Fun and good food. #FoodRevParty

Next Party: Wednesday 18th May 2011 7pm PST / 10pm EST

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