Food Revolution Twitter Party #7

Food Revolution Twitter Party #7

Thu 26 May 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

This week’s Food Revolution Twitter party focused onJamie’s Birthday Wish to Spark a Revolution, how our Food Revolutionaries are starting their own campaigns and restoring home cooking! We also wanted to know what your birthday wishes would be… See below for details of next week’s party.

Twitter Party #7: Wednesday May 25th 2011 7pm PST / 10pm EST

Winner of the Food Revolution ‘Perfect Kebab Combo’ Competwition was announced:

Jaime Morlin’s Greek Lamb Lipsmackers
Greek Lamb Lipsmackers. Lamb w/ olive oil, S&P grilled w/ mint greek yogurt sauce-yogurt, garlic, mint, lemon jce.

We’ll be cooking this kebab recipe tomorrow so look out for our photos on the Food Revolution Community page.

Next Competwition is Tuesday June 1st - 6pm PST / 9pm EST


Q1. Jamie’s birthday wish this year is to spark a Food Revolution through the creation on an inspiring training program, how are you sparking your own Food Revolution? #foodrevparty

Q2. We want to make sure that cooking skills are not lost and that the children of America learn to cook, are you learning to cook and sharing your knowledge with others? #foodrevparty

Q3. How are you changing your eating habits and fighting obesity from your kitchen?#foodrevparty

Q4. We want to put cooking back into the community, how are you getting involved in community Food Revolution actions? #foodrevparty

Q5. What would be your birthday wish? #foodrevparty


kim_wakefield @FoodRevTeam I am sparking my own #foodrevparty by teaching my class about healthy food choice and eliminating poor choices in my own house

1000plusone Sharizat Shakminova. @FoodRevTeam also, teaching my 11 & 8 yo daughter to cook, they made me omelet the other day :)#foodrevparty

lauren_015 @FoodRevTeam I never let convenience control my food choices. If it's something I truly want, I make it myself. #FoodRevParty

OutoftheBoxFood Kim gerber. District agreed to give us 1 wk w/no choc milk. if kids drink the white, district will take choc away for good @jamieoliver #foodrevparty

1000plusone Sharizat Shakminova. also, growing our own lil garden for the 4th season now, buying local+seasonal and preserving for winter, too #foodrevparty

Scatteredmom Karen Humphries. @FoodRevTeam we eat a home cooked meal together 5 days a week. #foodrevparty

JaimeMorlin Jaime Morlin. We planted a huge garden with our girls and they are excited to eat their veggies because they are watching them grow #FoodRevParty

foodcouple Kim Masin/Chef Ivars. #FoodRevParty @FoodRevTeam we cater from scratch, write blogs & magazine articles. Kids learn thru example in our kitchen. foodie kids:))

myurbangen Eliza Harris. Bday wish. For the grocery nearest my home (Publix) to label the origin of all their produce. #foodrevparty

kim_wakefield I wish that food companies would use healthier ingredients when manufacturing our country's food #foodrevparty

Next Party: Wednesday 2nd June 2011 4pm PST / 7pm EST

The Food Revolution Team

Jamie's Birthday Wish


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