From Revelation to Revolution Part Two

From Revelation To Revolution Part Two

Tue 21 Aug 2012

Story by Peggie Greenough

How one family turned their lives around, threw out the junk, restocked with real food and are reaping the benefits.

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I began with a few goals in mind to get healthy, active and feel good for the first time since I can remember; to get off of blood pressure and pain meds; and to lose the stubborn weight that my auto immune issues encourage. I have realized all those goals and helped to make my family more food conscious and healthier in the process. We now enjoy a largely (preferably organic) plant based diet and cook amazing dishes that I never knew I could put together so easily. For instance, my family eats curries and salads regularly now, thatís a big step, especially for our son who had an aversion to veggies and now tells me he finds himself craving them.

Since starting again and restocking with real foods, I have lost 45 lbs to date and I am still losing. My pains from fibromyalgia, thyroid and psoriasis have diminished nearly completely, I have increased my activity level and continue to do so with energy to boot and my blood pressure which had crept up to an all time high of 160/ 97 while taking medication, is now normal without medication. I have not taken even one pain reliever or prescription pain med since March.

Eating Real & Making Change Below The Poverty Level

Our family has a special circumstance to all this to contend with, we live below the poverty level for a family of six, well below. We no longer have food stamps and always have a hard time affording the foods we eat. We have gone to food pantries in the past but canít any longer because they only give us the foods we avoid now, canned, processed, low grade stuff. I went through a time (and still do now and again) that thorough label reading, ingredient deciphering, GMO or non GMO, organic or not, grocery shopping became a nightmare for me. I had to back up, start out slower and involve the rest of the family.

Now, our 3 and 10 year olds are the fervent label hounds, they seek out long, hard to read ingredients and additives and steer clear of lists containing more than 5 ingredients. It takes time and effort and yes, sometimes the good food, the food that you can just buy with some peace of mind, does cost more. But it really is so worth it because we know that cheap, fast food and complacency got us sick and fat. The only way out of that hole is with effort, information and conviction to do what is right for all of us.

We are still trying to find the meeting ground but our journey is really just beginning and we learn new and incredible things to help us along every day. I pray that I can figure it out so we can save so many others in our position. We know firsthand the loneliness, hopelessness and fear that crops up when making these kinds of major changes, adding poverty into that is an even heavier burden that can really make someone feel like it just isnít possible to eat well with their lack of budget. You will see though, if you just start, it all kind of evens out. When you start buying good things the bad things eventually fall off your weekly list and you will find over time that the junk things you used to buy are now replaced by better foods and the money is relatively the same amount spent as before, if not a little less in some cases.

We donít have all the answers but we are working on finding out all we can and sharing it loud and often so others can hear what they need to hear to start along their own path to health and wellness. This is not a fast train to lose weight or some fad thing we are doing. This is a real revolution, a FOOD REVOLUTION, thank you Jamie for leading the way and raising awareness.

Today the most constant thought I carry with me is ďWe canít afford NOT to eat like this and no matter what our circumstances are, we are worth it, we can and will be healthy.Ē The same is true for you too.

About the author: Peggie Greenough is blessed to have her husband & 4 boys along for the ride as they discover new & healthy foods & fun ways to keep active as a family. Peggie wants everyone to know how they CAN afford to eat well in order to get & stay healthy. Get informed & take baby steps.


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