Have You Asked For Real Food In The Farm Bill?

Have You Asked For Real Food In The Farm Bill?

Tue 12 Jun 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Last week the Senate began debate on the Farm Bill, the most important law determining what America eats dictating the types of crops that are grown, how farmers grow and sell the food that you eat and what food assistance programs are available.

Though the Farm Bill approved by the Senate Agriculture Committee supported some important changes, it drastically cut food assistance programs and underfunded local and healthy food programs. Therefore, a number of amendments have been introduced to make changes to the bill and to restore these cuts.

We, alongside the EWG, CSPI, Marion Nestle, Alice Waters, Michael Pollan and numerous other food leaders, chefs, advocates and organizations have taken action to help get the farm bill on a better track and urge the senate to provide more support for healthy food in the bill.

You Can Take Action NOW Too

This week is another important one as the Senate will continue to debate the bill. You can help strengthen the farm bill by letting your senators know that you want more support for local, healthy and real food.

Join us in supporting Senator Gillibrand’s (NY) amendment to restore these cuts and ensure funding for more support for local and healthy food programs, including an additional $500 million over 10 years to the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program which provides fresh produce and snacks to schoolchildren.

Share The Message

If you have already called your senators and supported this important amendment then why not share the message on social media and encourage others to do so too, every voice counts.

Help make real food a priority, take action now.

The Food Revolution Team


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