How Are You Celebrating Food Day?

How Are You Celebrating Food Day?

Tue 23 Oct 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Tomorrow is Food Day, a nationwide movement in the US which focuses on healthy, affordable and sustainable food.

Food Day is a great movement that is making change throughout the US, encouraging people to question where their food comes and what happens as it make its way to their plate. Although Food Day is focused on North America, its values and mission can be transferred anywhere across the world.

Many of our own volunteers and ambassadors are participating in Food Day this year, and organising events with their communities. If you are getting involved make sure you add your event to the map!

Here’s what some of our ambassadors have planned in their communities:

• Kellie Gilmore from St. Petersburg, Florida is teaming up families with Executive Chefs to prepare a healthy meal where the kids will cook with the chefs for their families.

• Madalyn Turner from Charleston, South Carolina is organising a potluck encouraging experimentation and use of any local and seasonal produce or locally sourced food to be healthier and more sustainable. Find out more here.

• Jon Barber from Salisbury, North Carolina is celebrating healthy, affordable, & sustainable food and at the Farm Fresh Market Place's one-year anniversary. During this event, Jon will be bringing special attention to local food deserts in Rowan and Cabarrus counties, providing healthy cooking demonstrations with free samples, and teaching individuals how to choose and select fresh healthy fruits and veggies, how to keep them alive during cooking for maximum nutritional benefits, and experience the power of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables! Find out more here.

• Christina Cicack from Houston, Texas is cooking up some special events for Food day at the Central City Co-op, with samples, demos and talks provided by An Apple A Day Nutrition Consulting & Pat Greer's Kitchen. Here, people can also contribute to a community art project celebrating food and healthy eating! Get more information about this event here.

• Ambassador Michelle Clermont from London, Ontario, Canada, the creator of a new health speaker series called Ignite Health Ontario. is hosting an event with 6 pillars of topics: food, exercise, mental health, spiritual health, alternate practitioners, and inspirational patient stories. The inaugural event will be hosted upstairs at Covent Market on October 24, 2012 between 7 - 9 pm. You can register for the event here.

Do you want to attend one of the 2,000 events going on during Food Day? Or even host your own? Whether it’s a real food potluck with friends, a discussion on real food in the workplace or a vegetable identification content in your child’s school, check out the interactive map to see how you can get involved!

The Food Revolution Team


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