How Are You Participating In Food Day?

How Are You Participating In Food Day?

Mon 21 Oct 2013

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Food Day is around the corner (October 24th!). In honour of the day, we’ve teamed up with Food Day and the Big Apple Crunch in NYC to support crunching events and provide our apple educational card, from our ‘Learn Your Fruits and Vegetables’ program to bring some simple fun food education to crunching activities.

Find out more and register a crunch, whether part of the Big Apple Crunch in NYC or another crunch event around the country here.

We wanted to hear how our Food Revolution supporters and community were celebrating Food Day so we’ve compiled a few activities and events that are happening around the country this Thursday. Although there are only a few days left before Food Day it’s not too late to get involved! Find out more here.

Donna Castellano | Middletown, New Jersey

We will have a Apple Crunch event and get a local market to supply us with apples for each student in the school and we they will all crunch at the same time!

This year we are teaming up with Dunk The Junk in an effort to get kids to eat less junk food and more Real Food so they can grow to be healthy adults!

Lindsey Shifley | Mundelein, Illinois

We have the green light for our district to participate in the Apple Crunch!!!! Whooop whooop! We have 1300 kiddos in our schools and each one will be getting and apple to crunch and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA) apple card.

On Oct 18 and 19th I am setting up a Food Revolution table at our PTO Oktoberfest and our Education Foundation's annual 5k run to spread the word about the Food Revolution movement.

Joelle Gillooly | Cary, North Carolina

We will have 150 plus elementary students participating in the apple crunch for Food Day and we will be incorporating the the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA) apple educational card!

Briana Cardone | Long Grove, Illinois

My daughters school will be participating with an apple crunch on Food Day. We are going to serve apples to all the kids and also make apple pies with the children to encourage the children that cooking is fun, to cook and maybe take their excitement home to their parents and try to motivate parents to cook with their children. This is how I started with my passion for food and cooking. As a child I grew up with all my family members always gathering around food.

Brandi Thompson | Boca Raton, Florida

In Florida I am working with a company called FLIPANY to help promote food education throughout Florida. Some of the events we have planned are as follows:

• Visiting 2 preschools and do an "Orange you going to try an Orange?" Food sampling and lesson. This is similar to the apple crunch, but we wanted to promote oranges in Florida.

• There are 3 different campuses in South Florida that will be screening the movie "A Place at the table".

• There will be at least 4 "Cooking Matters at the Store" shopping tours in conjunction with the Food Day activities.

• I am starting a Farmers Market at my son's elementary school in Boca Raton. The Farmers Market will actually be on October 25th.

• We are working with the local food banks, Slow Food movement and school districts to recognize the day.

Getting Involved in Food Day!

Learn more about Food Day here! It’s not too late to host an event or find an event near you and join thousands of others across the U.S in starting conversations around the importance of food education or even better incorporating some food education in your event – no matter how big or small.

Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)


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