How Our Volunteers Kept Cooking Skills Alive in 2013

How Our Volunteers Kept Cooking Skills Alive In 2013

Thu 19 Dec 2013

Story by Sarah Curl

Since our first Ambassador application came through in February 2012, we have had 2100 people stand up to start food revolutions in their communities. It’s truly amazing to see so many people want to create change and make sure real food is here to stay. Just this year, we have accepted 475 new Ambassadors in 26 new countries. That brings our grand total to 858 Ambassadors in 92 countries! Can you believe it?

858 Ambassadors in 92 countries and 614 cities

Ambassadors are located around the world and to show this, we decided to share where some of our largest concentrations of Ambassadors are located. We have the most Ambassadors in:

United States - 351
Canada - 65
Australia - 31
Brazil - 20
Romania - 17

The cities with the most Food Revolution Ambassadors include:

Bucharest - 10
London - 9
Sao Paolo - 11
Buenos Aires - 8
Istanbul - 7
Calgary - 6

Although these are our top Ambassador locations, we still have hundreds of cities with only one or two Ambassadors who are making great strides towards change. We will be highlighting more amazing stories throughout 2014 so stay tuned.

Food Revolution Day 2014

Food Revolution Day on May 2013 was another point this year where Ambassadors got together to create a revolution in their cities. 40% of Ambassadors hosted over 355 activities. We had 56 Ambassador countries and 213 Ambassador cities represented in FRD 2013. Activities spanned from flash mobs in Uruguay to new community gardens getting planted in Virginia.

What our Ambassadors Accomplished this Year

Ambassadors shared with us their ups and downs throughout 2013. They shared their yearly goals, recipe successes and failures and overall food environments in their communities.

Ambassadors conducted hundreds of cooking classes all around the world from Albania to Brazil, New Zealand to South Africa and everywhere in between.

Ambassadors communicated with their city officials, school administrators, local business, newspapers, radio and bloggers to make sure they were informed on the importance of keep cooking skills alive. They released press releases and put on local events to gather attention to this important cause.

We feel that the best way to honor the amazing team of volunteers who worked hard to keep cooking skills alive in their communities around the world was to highlight some of their triumphs and initiatives that they have worked on or are currently working on. Here are just a few of the successes achieved by our team of magnificent Ambassadors.

Lois Bridges | Park City, Utah - I am very excited to say we have positive changes here in Park City. We have formed a committee called the Eats Program to get healthy food into the Park City schools. We have started our garden prep for the middle school…very exciting. Also, working with local farmers to get food to the schools.

Beatrice Chan | Hong Kong - I have started our health & food education in Hong Kong. Students love it very much and we are all very excited.

Daiana Radelescu | Bucharest, Romania - I held a cooking session with 2 families from our community. I made the delicious corn chowder everyone was skeptical about and talked about additives in our food - how it all started, why we use them, what do they mean, how to read the labels, legislation, what are the alternatives etc. They loved it!

Natalie Montanaro | Tongatapu, Tonga - There is a new initiative with the Tongan government to improve the stats on deaths from obesity, diabetes and heart disease and I know that from my position at school and with the experience of teaching about real food, there will be much to do there which I can share with the Food Revolution as an ambassador.

Briana Cardone | Long Grove, Illinois - Next spring I'm going to help plant a garden and help them with getting farm animals to provide fresh real food for the underprivileged and the community.

Lindsey Shifley | Mundelein, Illinois - Huge news. Our Wellness Committee meeting was supposed to meet today, but it got cancelled... Even so, I wanted to send you this string of emails to see what happened this morning! Food colors got sent packing in our school breakfast even though we didn't meet! How awesome is that!?

Francesco Iandola | Milan, Italy - I'm organizing a big project of cooking and nutrition information for all the children attending primary school (6-11 y/o). In Milan, we have about 36,000 children. We will organize a weekly date to teach how to cook in the right way with the right aliments. We will host 30 children and 30 parents a week, for free. I'll have a team of six nutritionists from the Milan Pediatric Hospital.

Going Forward

We are excited to see the Ambassador Program continue to grow throughout 2014 and can’t wait to see what our amazing volunteers are going to accomplish!

Get involved in the Ambassador Program today by applying here.

About the Author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.
Twitter: @sarahanncurl

Images above: Ambassador Nemeti Sandor from Budapest being interviewed by a radio station in Szolnok city where he was talking about the importance of the Food Revolution Budapest.

Ann Butler making veggie skeletons in Richmond, Virginia.

Terri Salminen from the Netherlands making oatmeal raisin cookies from scratch with friends.

Uma Yu collecting veggie donations for the meal she made for the homeless in Los Angeles.

Camilo Hoyos shares his photo from FRD in Panama.


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