How Your School Can Get Involved In Food Revolution Day!

How Your School Can Get Involved In Food Revolution Day!

Tue 15 May 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

Food Revolution Day is all raising awareness for the need to bring back food education, and schools are one of the main places that food education ought to be taught. The younger we start educating children on food and nutrition, the better. Not only does this set kids up with the life skills needed to look after themselves and their families later on through providing fresh, wholesome, nutritious meals, but its also much easier to prevent obesity at a young age than reverse it later.

No matter what constraints your school faces and whether you are happy with the food system or not, Food Revolution Day provides an opportunity to start the conversation in your school and get students, teachers and parents talking about real food!

Here are some ideas for what you can do to celebrate Food Revolution Day in your school!

Show your support for food education!

Signing our pledge to bring back food education is a really easy way to take a stand for real food and better food education for all. With just a few clicks you can help the Food Revolution and show a global figure of all those who support bringing back food education! So share this link with all your students, teachers, school administrators and parents. How many people can you get to join you in standing up for real food?

Host an educational assembly or talk

Take a few minutes in assembly or in the classroom to talk about the Food Revolution and the choices we make when it comes to food. Demonstrate how much sugar is in flavored milk, show some Food Revolution videos, talk about food labels and the importance of homemade from scratch meals and get your students thinking! You could even ask some experts in to share their knowledge.

Pledge to make a difference for one day

Whether its encouraging students to choose the white milk over the chocolate milk, or to choose the salad bar over the fries, why not encourage healthier choices on Food Revolution Day. Even better take these items off the menu for the day! Making changes is all about taking small steps, so use Food Revolution Day to make the first step in your school.

Have A Rainbow Day!

Why not make one day a rainbow day and encourage students to try a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables from the salad bar, explaining that different fruits and vegetables provide different nutritional goodness. Chef Ann Cooper is running lots of Rainbow Days in Boulder CO in the lead up to Food Revolution Day.

Open the conversation

Food Revolution Day provides an opportunity to start talking about real food and local food issues so why not use it as a chance to connect with other parents, the PTA, health and wellness committee and school officials to open the conversation on school food. The proposed standards for competitive foods will be released within the next few weeks, so take a look at what snacks and beverages are currently available outside of the lunch program (at vending machines, schools stores, and a la carte cafeteria lines) and what you think ought to change.

Weve created a Food Revolution Day toolkit for starting a Food Revolution in your school which can be downloaded for free from here.

If your hosting an event at school theres still time to add it to the map and join the global movement (you can add your school event as a private event by selecting the dinner party option)!

The Food Revolution Day Team


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