ideo launches jofr corporate cooking program

Ideo Launches Jofr Corporate Cooking Program

Mon 14 Mar 2011

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Jamie Oliver and IDEO have teamed up to inspire and help working professionals to cook more at home.

On March 2nd Jamie Oliver and IDEO led a lunch talk at TED about Cooking & Company, a Food Revolution initiative that encourages companies to help their employee's better balance work with cooking at home.

Through the Cooking & Company effort, Jamie's Food Revolution is hoping to make it easier for 350,000 employees at companies across the United States to prepare healthier meals at home.

The TED lunch highlighted ways organizations can help the effort by getting employees excited about cooking and helping make the task of preparing food at home more efficient and fun.

IDEO's Chris Waugh explained that it just takes one person at a company to start the momentum to encourage others to cook more frequently. Chris showed grassroots experiments from a sampling of organizations.

The experiments highlighted how teaching simple recipes and removing the burden of prep time encourages people to prepare meals at home instead of eating out or ordering in.

Employees who joined in the grassroots experiments continue to push the effort forward through their own Cooking & Company group on Facebook, where they share their experiences through posts and photos.

Watch IDEO's Cooking and Company video here


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