Jamie In 2011

Jamie In 2011

Mon 26 Dec 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

2011 has been a busy year for Jamie and the Food Revolution. It started with Jamie in LA, filming Season 2 of the Emmy award-winning ABC series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and since then so much has happened from launching a new website, and building an amazing online community through social media to flavored milk, crazy Congress and Jamie at One Young World. Find out more below.

TED 2011

Jamie returned to TED in March, to do a follow up having won the prestigious TED Prize in 2010, where
he launched the new Food Revolution website, a new activist program and the amazing ‘Big Rig’ Mobile Kitchen. In the first six months the website had over 1million unique visitors, we now have over 600 community activist groups across each state in America and the ‘Big Rig’ Mobile Kitchen has so far taught 1000 people in Southern California how to cook! Watch this TED 2011 video on the Food Revolution.


Following up on the Food Revolution is LA, Jamie appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show alongside the
LAUSDs new Superintendant John Deasy who announced that from July 1st 2011, flavored milks would
be banned from all schools within the LAUSD. This means that over 680,000 students are no longer
getting excess sugar twice a day! Since then LA has also made more changes to their menus – removing
corn dogs and chicken nuggets and instead replacing with fresh, local, wholesome ingredients, we will
be monitoring this in 2012. Find out more about what's been going on in LA in 2011 here.

One Young World

At the beginning of September, Jamie was invited to speak at the One Young World (OYW) conference
in Zurich, this was the first time that he had given a public speech since his acceptance of the
TED Prize in 2010. In honor of Jamie’s speech in which he addressed obesity as a global issue, we
launched a new petition page on Facebook and turned the Food Revolution global! Watch Jamie’s One Young World Speech.

UN Summit

Following on from Jamie’s trip to OYW, we supported the UN Summit on Non Communicable Diseases
(NCDs) on September 19-20 in New York. There are four types of NCDs, cardiovascular diseases, cancers,
chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, which are largely preventable by tackling four common
risk factors including unhealthy diet. As 2.8million people die every year from NCDs it is important
that treating and preventing these diseases is at the topic of the UN agenda.

During the run up to the Summit, Jamie wrote an open letter to the UN asking them to take a vital stand on NCDs and during a live social media webcast, Ban Ki Moon, the UN General Secretary, answered one of Jamie’s questions agreeing that over 35 million people dying from NCD’s every year is “totally unacceptable”. 34 heads of state attended the summit and unanimously adopted the Political Declaration on NCDs which calls for an agenda by the end of 2012 to take action on reducing and preventing NCDs. We will continue to follow the next steps following the summit and to see the outcomes in 2012. Watch Jamie’s UN Summit plea.

School Lunch

Earlier in the year, we set up a petition to support the proposed new school lunch standards set by the USDA and along with our revolutionaries were excited to see so many great changes on this list. However, we were let down on some of these changes by Congress, who, at the last minute secretly changes and allowed unlimited pizza and fries on the lunch menu every day. In response to this Jamie set up a text in campaign to tell people to protect kids health, not pizza and potatoes. While we are hugely disappointed with these moves by Congress all is not lost and despite these decisions, some big wins have still be achieved both on and off the lunch tray in 2011.

As we look back on 2011, on behalf of Jamie, we want to thank our Food Revolution community for their
continued support. We’ll have much more for you to get involved with in 2012, so stayed tuned!

Viva La Revolution!

The Food Revolution Team

Watch Jamie’s Holiday Message.


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